Flipkart is reportedly working with Facebook for a faster performance of their apps and websites. The collaboration to work on slower networks and low-cost smartphones getting slowdown or the need for updates.

“I am working with Facebook to converge our solution — which allows users to skip updates to apps — and there is a platform called React Native to see if we can share each other’s learnings and make one unified product for the developer community to leverage,” said Amar Nagaram, vice president of engineering, Flipkart.

Also, Nagaram said that developers from both the ends are working on the project via open source.”The whole idea was to make the site work on low networks, which means consuming low data, without compromising the experience,” he added.

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Reports say that smartphone users are only about 30% among 1 billion mobile phone subscribers. Again less number is observed in the people who use data for the internet. There is a need for high-quality data network connectivity for more than 220 million users in India.

As of September 2016, more than half of the 100 million registered app users visit the mobile site. About 70 million users on sub-$100 devices work on 2G networks do not have the app and use Flipkart Lite. The company is coming up with a twofold strategy to push up its app to users on high-end smartphones.

Besides that, it is also trying to offer an app like experience for users of low-end smartphones. Flipkart’s app has been built with in-house technology and helps the company to reduce the number of updates. Now, Flipkart wants to increase the user engagement on the mobile site based Flipkart Life. Nagarajan said that this consumes much fewer data and converge the concept.


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