Last Tuesday, Nirav Modi the famous diamond merchant was arrested from a metro station named Holborn in London. Less than a week ago, the British officials issued a warrant against Modi for his major involvement in the PNB scam. Last year, Modi fled the Indian continent before the PNB scam could be detected to avoid dire consequences.

For the uninitiated, Nirav Modi the business tycoon was caught in a scam that involved money of worth 13000 crores. He fled the country and settled in London in order to avoid any legal actions. However, a year later, he got arrested and has been asked to be present in the Westminster Court. The officers from Enforcement Directorate confirmed that he was picked up from Holborn metro station which is situated in central London.

Nirav Modi was staying at a 33-storey building named Centre Point Apartment after he fled the country and settled in West End. Although, he was found to be guilty in the scam, but he was observed to be living a luxurious lifestyle even in London. He also averted the questions put up by media by quicking replying “no comments”. As per the latest reports and researches, he is found to be running a full-fledged diamond business in Soho after gaining permits to initiate the business.

Along with Nirav Modi, his close relative was also actively involved in PNB scam. Surprisingly enough Mehul Choksi (relative) fled the country unscathed and has easily obtained the citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda.

The CBI is closely anticipating the scam which had involved submitting fake guarantees to secure loan across the world.

Shockingly enough, the Congress has launched a verbal attack against the Prime Minister & BJP party in this scenario. According to them, BJP is responsible for helping fugitive industrialists like Nirav Modi.

Minutes after the arrest, Union Minister Hardeep Puri tweeted:

“You can run, but cannot hide from the country’s #Chowkidar. As wheels of justice grind, after Vijay Mallya, fugitive Nirav Modi has been arrested in London. Clear sign that this is not the India which will allow economic offenders to loot the country & evade the long arm of law.”


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