Finally, the high drama of Libya Plane Hijack comes to an end. The High drama was seen at the Malta International Airport Yesterday when a domestic flight from Libya was unfocused with 118 people on board with a “Possible Hijack” situation at hand.

All the passengers and staff have been released from the Afriqiyah Airbus A320 in Malta International Airport. Hijackers from Pro-Gaddafi group Al Fatah Al Gadida group commandeered the plane has finally surrendered and released all the 118 passengers.

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat posted a tweet on his social blog that “Hijackers surrendered, Searched and taken in Custody.”

Muscat also said, “The two hijackers have been imprisoned, and interrogations are still going on. The crew members of the plane and passengers are also being questioned by the officials’ regarding the Hijack.”

The plane had got ready in Libya from Sebha to Tripoli before it was sidetracked to Malta International Airport and it landed in Malta around at 11:30 AM local time. Armed soldiers then took the control and finally Surrendered it on the runway.

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A security official from Mitiga Airport said, “The pilot conveyed to the control tower in Tripoli that they were being hijacked, and later they lost communication with the pilot at a certain point. The pilot tried desperately to land the plane, but they refused.

Noted as “Pro-Gaddafi,” the hijackers have an age of average 20 years, from the Tebu Ethnic group, which is present in South Libya.

The hijackers were named as Mosa Ali ShahaGandio and Amed Ali, and they belong to Libyan nationality.

Prime Minister of Maltese Joseph Muscat also confirmed that hijackers gave a hand grenade and a pistol after they surrendered. Now, the army is searching for a second pistol. Form the initial forensic exams, we found that the weapons were imitations, said, Muscat. Coming to the both Hijackers, one is claimed to be a leader of a “Pro-Gaddafi Party,” said by Libyan TV.

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Colonel Hamed Al-Khayali, the Mayor of Sabha, told to BBC that the hijackers were looking for political Shelter in Malta. Muscat in a press meet said that no stresses were made during the talks with the hijackers and the officials also refused the men’s requests for peace mediators to board the plane.

Prime Minister said there were 111 passengers on board, 82 males, 28 females and one child along with six plane crew members.

Airport authorities in Malta described as an “Illegitimate interfering” and now the situation returning to normal conditions with the operations.


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