Facebook testing a chat window like feature for the posts on user’s friends on the social media Desktop Website. The Pop-up posts have a text field that lets you comment and there is also an option to see the full post or they can just hide it.

The experimental feature will push certain posts of the user’s friend to the bottom edge of web browser and also gives more visibility. Through Pop-up posts feature it also allows the user to stay inside the news feed instead of opening a new page for the post.

“We’ve heard from people that they would like an easier way to engage in conversations on a post while they are still in News Feed. So we are testing the new option that opens up a window when someone comments on your post, replies to your comment or tags you in a comment. The user can always hide the conversation or turn off notifications from within the drop-down menu of the post,” a Facebook spokeswoman said.

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The company claimed that they are testing the feature with an only small set of social network users and they didn’t mention about how many users are part of the test. However, Facebook often tests out its new features with a very small percentage out of its 1.86 billion users before releasing them for everyone.

It is also unclear that how long the testing of Pop-up posts feature takes place. However, it is possible that Facebook would release the feature and then they use it as to enhance advertising offerings.


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