Facebook announces two new features to its page sections. ‘Service’ and ‘Shop’ were introduced to pages to enhance online businesses. Facebook has been the platform for emerging market where 57 percent business people connected including India.

Facebook provides new ‘Shop’ section to display the products they are selling on their page. The company reported, this feature helps people to browse, discover and make offers to purchase by messaging from the businesses. While the ‘Service’ section on their page showcases the list of their offerings.

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According to October 2015, there were 2 million Small and Medium Business (SMB) pages on Facebook in India. Over 1.99 billion interactions are being achieved between people and businesses in Indian SMB segment.

“With the Shops and Services sections on Pages, businesses around the world can help people discover the products and services they care about in a more visually appealing way,” said Adrian Nam, Product Marketing Manager, Facebook.

Many pages were launched to assist people market their businesses and explore about their products and service for free. Now it is much easier to find the information for what they are looking for and to decide about the business deals Reports says, more than one billion people are connected to Facebook with one business at least.

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“The Shops and Services sections are a continuation of our efforts to make Facebook Pages the most valuable online presence for the more than 60 million businesses around the world that use Pages each month,” added Ryan Ebanks, another product marketing manager at Facebook.


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