Fortnite is one of the top rated games till now, accepted by a huge number of players. Breaking histories of fame after Pokemon Go which was considered as one of the best game played by Android as well as iOS users. Best from the house, the game rose to fame for its spectacular augmented reality. Well, that was past, talking about the current trending game Fortnite which has gained almost $296 million in a month has its plan of bypassing Google Play Store.

Fortnite’s availability only on iOS devices had made Android users witness a long wait for its arrival on the platform. Comparatively Android has a number of users than ios and the developers not releasing the game on Android would have their reasons listed.

Surprisingly, the developers have decided to release the game worldwide. Experts, opinion on the release is quite vivid. Fortnite arrival on iOS platform will surely turn the tables in favour of the developers. Its arrival has many paths to travel for the Android users, the game will not be directly available for the users of the play store rather they need to download it from there official website. Before you install the game, you need to enable the unknown sources option which means that your device will be accessible to all the malware activities and viruses.

Words from the Epic CEO Tim Sweeny in his recent interview, “Everyone active in the Android Ecosystem, including Google manufacturers, carriers, and now Epic Games, will need to work together to maximize the security of Android as an open platform. We recognize we’re taking on a big responsibility here and take it seriously.”

The game is surely not free for all of you out there, Epic Games allow you to grab the game in an efficient way by allowing you to download it from the original website by paying via a master, visa card, and several other options. The method is no different from Play Store on Android devices that has similar conditions where the store will be accessed a 30% cut from any in-app purchase.

Well, one has to wait and watch if the new resolution taken by the game developers yield fruitful results or not!!


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