Delhi High Court transferred the domain name to the Google. The high court held that the domain was registered in bad faith by an entity without any coincidence. Also, the high court has refused to interfere with the arbitrator decision ruling in favor of Google.

“Is a ‘Googlee’ a wrong one? A cricket enthusiast will say, ‘Yes of course’. In the virtual world too, the answer is well, yes, petitioner Gulshan Khatri found to his consternation, when he used it as a domain name: ’’,” Justice S Muralidhar said.

Challenging the arbitrator decision of May 2011, Khatri had moved the high court. The arbitrator had held that googlee.In, the domain name registered by him was similar to the one registered by Google.

Interestingly, Justice Muralidhar has put a screenshot of the home page of in his judgment to substantiate the parties claimed and did not find any better in the petitioner’s submission that ‘’ was not similar to ‘Google.’

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Khatri applied to the .in Registry, run by National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) to register his website, Before opening registrations of .IN domains names for general public. Khatri got his domain name registered in 2008 and renewed up till 2020 in 2010.

The court also said that the petitioner was rightly stopped by the arbitrator from continuing with his “misadventure”. ”A glance at his web page shows how slavish his imitation is of Google‘s writing style, font, color scheme and layout,” the court said.

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