Datawind is very well known for its low-cost internet connectivity and wireless web access products. With its main aim of affordability, the company launched another smartphone ‘Pocketsurfer GZ’ for just Rs.1499.

The smartphone comes with a package of free internet browsing for one year. New Pocketsurfer GZ is the new addition to its product portfolio. The smartphone runs on Linux operating system and provides features like touchscreen and rear camera.

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Datawind grabbed all the attention globally, with their disruptive innovation in Ubislate tablets. The manufacturer has the intentions to achieve the same in smartphone division.

“We are focused on driving the cost downward to a level where access to technology becomes universally affordable, and democratisation of technology finds its true meaning. Therefore, this new launch of a smartphone at just Rs. 1499 is a step in that direction.

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This will certainly enhance the connectivity in the developing nations,” said CEO of DataWind, Suneet Singh Tuli. “While the need for internet reflects in every household, our product will enable everyone in the country to afford a smartphone,” he added.

Datawind aims to reach the mass of India by breaking the network bandwidth constraints and affordability barriers. This technology should have access to every corner of the world as hands- free communication became crucial.

Smartphone and internet usage has observed a hike of 17% in the last couple of years which is still lagging behind in many other developing nations. The company believed that the digital and internet divide could be addressed through technology intervention by offering a device at an affordable price.

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The device rolls out with the DataWind’s proprietary web delivery technology which provides a high-speed internet browsing at lowest data cost possible. Lastly, Pocketsurfer GZ can be stated as the most affordable device with a complete infotainment package for Indian customer.


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