Straddling Bus Hits the Road where Imaginary Visualization Becomes Reality

Dream comes true; they made it!!! Very soon this futuristic straddling bus allows cars to run underneath as the trail hits the road.

Finally, China made world’s first Transit Elevated Bus, a reality and hit the road on Tuesday, 2nd August 2016. The first road test made in North China Hebei Province in Qinhuangdao.

China’s Transit Elevated Bus Might be a Solution to Rush Hour Traffic

China’s homemade Transit Elevated Bus is also named as “Straddling Bus” (TEB – 1) conducted a road test on Tuesday at Shijiazhuang (the capital city of Hebei province). The futuristic bus TEB – 1 is 22 meters long, 4.8 meters high and 7.8 meters wide which can carry 300 passengers on board where cars can go underneath of the elevated bus.

What the test runs in Qinhuangdao City was undertaken to evaluate the braking system, power consumption according to TEBTECH, a company that helped to build TEB. Earlier this summer, the concept showed up in the 19th International Expo held in Beijing that the straddling bus can carry up to 1400 passengers and can run at 60km or 40 miles per hour.

According to Song Youzhou, chief engineer said that it could change china’s traffic problem, pollution, saved fuel, and emission of carbon is cut down to 2500 tonnes. He also told that the first trail is planned to unveil at the end of July or in August where the dream come true.

So finally, TEB (Transit Elevated Bus) hits the road, and other countries like India, Brazil, France and Indo have reached licencing their versions of the Transit Elevated Bus.