Planning to celebrate Green Diwali this year? First of all, we appreciate your thought. Still many people didn’t get awareness about environment safe Diwali. Here we take some time to give you knowledge about why should we celebrate eco-friendly diwali.

Many people have a question about why should we celebrate green Diwali? There is more need to celebrate environmental safe Deepavali. Our Earth is in dangerous position. Now it is our responsibility to save our earth.

Diwali means festival of lights. This festival symbolises the end of darkness and beginning of light. From this day everyone should get rid of their sorrows and invite happiness in our life. We have a habit of playing with crackers on this day. We get a lot of fun by cracking crackers. People of all ages will participate in this event.

 But we don’t know the results after cracking crackers. Lots of pollution created on the earth. Properties of environment will get damage. Health problems will occur due to the harmful material used in the crackers. Air pollution, sound pollution is created after this festival. Many animals get hurt by the sound pollution. More changes will occur in Global warming. For our few minutes enjoyment we are creating a lot of damage to earth.

Just think once “What will happen if we avoid fireworks for this year?” Nothing will change by stopping crackers. For so many people cracking crackers is a prestigious issue. Just get rid of such thoughts. Go eco-friendly and spread awareness for environmental safe Deepavali. It is better to avoid crackers completely, if not, in that case, use eco-friendly crackers.

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We already heard about ozone layer depletion; these factors will cause more damage to the environment, so try to reduce that pollution.

According to last year, statistics about 3300 crores are spent on crackers throughout India. All these amount is gone into ashes in a single day. With that amount, lakhs of students can get free education for a year. So just think it once and buy crackers.

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Every year we enjoy with crackers, for a change stop crackers for this year and donate that money to the poor kids. Celebrating festival in only our house in not enough, with our helping hands many people can celebrate the festival this year.

On this day everyone lit earthen lamps made of clay and use natural colors, flowers. At Evenings, everyone will conduct Lakshmi pooja after completing pooja they start the crackers event. Instead of playing with crackers enjoy that time with friends and relatives by exchanging sweets and wishes.

Wishing you a Happy and Eco-friendly Diwali   


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