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Festivals means celebrations and simply we can say it is a pack of happiness and joy. In India we have many festivals, each festival has the unique story which represents our culture and traditions. Among those festivals, Ugadi has a very prominent place. This festival can also be known as Indian New year, this festival is mostly celebrated in the southern part of India with the name of Ugadi, and in Maharashtra, we celebrate with the name of Gudi Padwa.

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Ugadi is one of the most important festivals to the Hindus. It is the first day of the Indian calendar, by this day we are entering to the New Year. In some parts of India, it is also known as Bharatiya nav varsh. The Telugu people follows 60 years calendar, it is a cycle, after completing all years again it will start from the first year. In 2017 on 29th march we are entering into the Hevalambi year. It is the 31st year in the cycle.

This day is the beginning of another new year. In my view past is always bad, it is the day to flush all your worries, mistakes, regrets and to start a fresh life. Ugadi pachadi is the main dish to taste on this day. This pachadi is a mixture of 6 tastes which represents different types of emotions. There is a belief that while tasting pachadi what type of taste you noticed first will decide the future of that year

 Here we are giving lots of Ugadi Status for you. We all are social networking lovers so for you we have given Happy Ugadi Status for Whatsapp. To post on FB, use this Ugadi festival status for facebook.

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Tell to the whole nation that you are celebrating the festival with this Ugadi Fb status. Best collections of Happy Ugadi Status Lines are given here. Mark this Ugadi Status and set as your status in Whatsapp and Facebook.

Ugadi festival status

  • The raw mangoes, neem, and jaggery represent the sweet, sour and bitter flavours of life. May the flavours of Ugadi fill your life in the coming year. Happy Ugadi !!!
  • “U” thsavam

“G” owravam

“A” anandam

“D” hanam

“I” shwaryam

“UGADI” Shrikara Nama Samvatsra Shubhakankshalu!!!

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  • May your hate for your enemies fade away,

     May the darkness around you become lighter,

     May this UGADI festival bring joy, health and prosperity to you and your family.

     May this Ugadi festival bring you new spirit and beginning

     Wishing you Happy Ugadi !!!

  • Let us welcome this Ugadi with great hope, eagerness and anticipation. Let us look forward to a plentiful year of joy, satisfaction, peace and prosperity.
  • On this Ugadi, let the bitter taste of neem remind us of the struggles in life and the sweet taste of jaggery the progress that results from the struggle.
  • Let D memories 0f m0ments shRd

      with Ur l0ved 0nes fill Ur

      heart this Ugadi

     H0pe D lights 0f Ugadi bring

     gl0w & warmth t0 Ur life!

    Wishing U a very Happy New Year

  • May this Ugadi bring U new spirit,

    new beginning & new prosperity.

     Wishing U a very happy Ugadi.

  • Ugadi means

    New Life

     New Hope

     New Aspirations

      New Beginning

      Let’s make each day Ugadi

      May you have a year bright as the sunlight

      Fragrant as the rose

      And sweet as the honey

      Wish you a happy and prosperous Ugadi

      As bright as ever

  •  May This Ugadi be as bright as ever

     May this Ugadi bring joy, health and wealth to you

     May the festival of lights brighten

     Up you and your near and dear one’s lives

  •  New clothes, bring new hopes for future

     food and fruits indicates prosperity

     Wishing you have a fulfilling Ugadi

  •  May this Ugadi usher cheerfulness

      Enriching the hearts of people

      With good health, wealth and joy