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April Fools’ Day is famous for pranks, hoaxes and Jokes. It is celebrated every year on April 1st by playing jokes and hoaxes. It is one of the lightest hearted days of the year. The best collection of April Fools’ Day Prank is present here.

Are you ready to play a prank on your friend or Colleagues, so get ready to fool your friends with the pranks that are given here. It is one of the joyfully and funniest day in our history. Countries like United Kingdom, Nordic Countries, Ireland, Poland, Romania and India will show more enjoyment in celebrating Fools’ day. On this day, everyone enjoys playing pranks on others with some April Fools’ Day Pranks.

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You can enjoy this day until your prank or joke didn’t hurt others. Make sure this is the day for fun not for taking revenge on others. On other side there are positive benefits of Fools’ day, you can feel happy while laughing and relieve your stress by spending happy time with your friends and family.

1.Think of Cracked Screen

Make your friend think of Screen cracked. Download screensaver from the Google and make as computer desktop background picture. Make it active for 30 to 40 seconds. Unplug their keyboard and Mouse

2. Attach Airhorn to the Seat

Before your Colleagues comes to office attach air horn to the seat and if your colleague comes and sit on the chair it sounds great and shocking. It is a wonderful April Fools’ Day Pranks on Colleagues

  1. Fruit Salad with Fair&Lovely

Excellent Idea with Fruits and Fair&Lovely…!! Take a cup of all mixed fruits and mix some Fair&Lovely in that. Keep it in fridge for some time. Make a prank with your cousin.

  1. Black Coffee with Henna Powder

Tasty Back Coffee with Henna Powder…! In the place of Coffee add some Henna Powder to remove the smell add Coffee powder. Hot Hot Black Coffee is ready for your Family to play a Prank.

  1. Lamp with Insects

Lamps are available in the online. While papers can cut in the shape of night crawler shape and shade it with black colour. Then attach it to the inner side of the lamp. When the light is on crawlers can be seen.

  1. Render the Mouse Unworkable

Stick a tap over the laser at the bottom of the mouse and it will stop working. Best April Fools’ Day Prank ever because no one will turn their mouse back.

  1. iPhone Gift

Make a iPhone will sweet ingredients and pack it in the iPhone Box. Gift it to your near ones that will be an unexpected prank.

  1. Original Drawer to the Confused one

Change your sister drawer with cloths instead of cosmetics. When she comes for makeup all of sudden confused what had happed.

  1. Jar with a Picture in Fridge

Take photography of your husband make a hard copy of it. Insert in a Jar like natural one and keep that Jar in Fridge. When your husband open fridge it looks very fun.

  1. Ice-cream with Potato Juice (Chocolate Ice-Cream)

Prepare Ice-cream and mix Potato Juice and that looks delicious. Latest Pranks for April Fools’ Day