Bangalore has become unsafe as many of the outsiders are coming here and looting the state. There are some of the incidents we would like to share in this newsletter. Tak Tak gang is supposed to be a troop of people wherein they target to rob your valuables whenever you drive alone. The same thing happened to some of the residents of Adugodi and in and around places.

A gang of four approached a slow moving car near the Forum Mall, Kormangala. One of them starts distracting by banging the car and the other one tries to open the door. Many of those incidents have taken place in HSR Layout and Kormangala.

Rijju Dixit, a resident of Kormanagala was heading towards her place from Forum Mall. She said that she noticed a man on right side of the media, walking in between the cars in front of her. Initially she thought that he is seeking for some help and that is why he is crossing the road every now and then. She found fishy when one more guy walked towards her car, trying to open the door. First thing she did was locked the car door and managed to move off the junction.

One such incident again took place near Adugodi. Aparna was heading towards R.T. Nagar from Adugodi. She was stuck in a slow moving traffic and she could witness a man coming towards her car. He noticed that the car door was open. One more guy from the other side opened the door and tried to pull the phone. Luckily the phone was plugged to charging, he couldn’t pick it up in the meantime. By then Aparna started shouting. The two men ran off.

When Rijju Dixit’s post went viral on social media, it seems that 30 people contacted her and shared the same experience.

Isha Pant, Deputy Commissioner of Police has promised that she will be looking on to this case. She even informed that if there is any emergency you just have to dial 100.  


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