Daily discussions are growing all around about the new iPhone 12 ranges, and thanks to the warnings and price hikes about the MagSafe.

It has also been found that some of the new tests are going to reveal one area where Apples’ latest iPhones will destroy the competition.

Filip Koroy, a popular Youtuber commonly known as Everything ApplePro, has disclosed that the latest iPhone 12 Pro, which delivers stunning real-world speed improvements, are rather off the scale when compared to any synthetic benchmark. Not only this, iPhone 12 Pro has demolished the previous iPhones.Moreover, it wipes out the one and the only advantage, which is long lasting held by rival Android phones i.e. Multitasking.

Before opening each app in order, Koroy’s test opens a large number of apps; this is a popular test since it imitates the usage of real world. The iPhone 12 test takes about 2 mins 49 secs to complete, as when compared over a 4min test for both the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhone 12 Pro is the only phone among other models of iPhones, which comes with a 6GB RAM and that’s the reason why it enables the phones to hold all the apps in memory without reloading.

Koroy also said - “Every single application that I opened after running a 4K video export was still preloaded in the background. I have never seen this on an iPhone. This is new. Apple has finally fixed the multitasking issue on the iPhone.”

As outdatedly, equipping iPhones with 2-4 GB RAM was Apple’s decision, which has seen iPhones to lose out to Android rivals here since then they are not able to hold many apps in the memory, thereby causing lengthy reload times.

At the high end, Samsung’s series of S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra are costlier than the iPhone 12 Pro Max; well now they all are heavily overtopped as well. On the other side, for Google, it’s a risky move to fit a much lower performance chipset in the Pixel 5models whose speed was already less than the last year’s iPhone and this time iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are fitted with A14 Bionic.

And now at this phase, the biggest worry of Apple is much likely to be the competition than its upcoming model of iPhone. For the next four years, a legal settlement with Qualcomm forced Apple to publicly disclose the iPhone model Plans.


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