Apple’s AirPods Pro was recently launched with a price tag of about $250 targeting the premium earbuds segment. AirPods are undoubtedly Apple’s most outperforming products ever. Right from 2016 when AirPods was first launched, Apple has always been struggling to match up with the high demand. AirPods turned into the top wireless headphones across the globe within the first three months of launch. These are now considered number one in the earbuds category.

AirPods Pro stands out from its other variants in many ways. To start with, these come with noise cancellation, a unique audio feature that allows you to hear external noise, along with ear tips that can be customized. Immediately available expert reviews suggest that these are all a step above the earlier AirPods variants.

The AirPods Pro variant comes with a price rise, but with the features that it offers the price may be apt for the premium segment. The new AirPods hang comfortably, which is a big plus point over designs that cause ear discomfort. Apple has taken complaints from previous variants pretty seriously and ensured to get them corrected in the Pro version. 

Why Apple took so long to come out with Pro is yet to be understood, possibly because it wanted to launch it on its own terms. Every Pro box comes with six tips, which are definitely not any standard silicone tips. To ensure a better fit, the tips come with a tough outer edge. These help in allowing the earbuds to stay put firmly. 

Just like other AirPods, this one too comes with the signature Apple design and color. While staying the same, the company still made this one stand-out with the in-ears design and a wider case as compared to the earlier taller variants. A wireless charger and good battery life are sure to click with the audience who may wish to remain loyal Apple consumers. 

Despite being cost-prohibitive for the masses, the AirPods Pro earbuds have a class of their own and are expected to remain at the top of the game as far as market share is concerned. 


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