A man takes pictures of iPhones in the new Apple flagship store on its opening day following an outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Sanlitun in Beijing, China, July 17, 2020. REUTERS/Thomas Peter/Files

The tech giant Apple has asked its suppliers to make at least 75 million units of 5G supporting iPhones for later this year. The company is making the estimation of selling approx. the same number of phones as last year. The launch of the new iPhone has been delayed and was very much anticipated; thus, the hype is real even amidst the pandemic.

The California-based tech giant expects to sell over 80 million units of their flagship phone in late 2020. As the company has previously hinted that the new upcoming iPhone maybe one of the most revolutionary iPhones rolled out by the company yet, it is creating anticipation among the fans for the release and sales.

The word around the valley is that it is not only the new iPhone you need to be excited for, Apple is also planning to roll out some other new generation of devices too. An iPad Air with iPad Pro like edge to edge screen, 2 new versions of Apple Watch, Apple’s first ever ‘over the head’ headphone (outside the Beats line of products) and a small home speaker is also on its way. However, the company has not yet commented anything regarding these rumors.

Apple always tends to scale up the production of the units when they are near to a new release as the market is always quite responsive towards the new line of products released by the company. It has been a tradition for the Apple suppliers to manufacture atleast 70-80 million units as the stats from 2018-2019 makes it quite evident. The assembler company for Apple has also circulated a job opening on WeChat for their main iPhone manufacturing facility. This clearly indicated that everyone is preparing for the big release and you can expect to get your new iPhone in your hands without much hassle.

While all the companies are trying to recover from the damage caused by the pandemic, Apple has been experiencing a rise in the demand for its flagship products like newer iPhones. The phone alone is the source of 60% sales of the company. Considering the hype created for the new iPhone by comparing it to be as revolutionary as iPhone 6 at the time of its release, it is quite clear that Apple is not going to have a bad time generating enough revenue any time soon.


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