Till now Nearby Share, the new and upcoming AirDrop’s style sharing feature, has not cleared the official release date. Though, given the amount of time since rumours about it first started, chances are it gained to be too far for longer.

Earlier this year, XDA developers released a short video, showing the upcoming Nearby Sharing baked into Android’s quick settings menu.

This file sharing works better when the two devices that want to share files or any other media are within a foot apart. But it doesn’t respond well when the two devices are far apart.

According to XDA developers, it was originally called “Fast Share”, which is Android’s answer to AirDropthat has been in development for more than a year.

The high point of this Nearby Share is that even the Chromebooks and all other computer devices having Google Chrome browser installed can also take advantage of it. It is expected to be available through Google Play.

All the mobile Android devices will also take advantage of this Nearby Share. Till now, the only bad point is that you can easily use or share files and data only when the devices are within one foot.

Android’s upcoming Air-Drop style sharing feature is called Nearby Share also called Nearby Sharing. The best part is that as told earlier it can also come to numerous other platforms of Chrome.

The feature will allow Android users to directly share photos, links, and other files with all other devices, which is just like how AirDrop works across iOS and MacOS.

Now this latest and trending feature will apparently show up in the settings of the latest build of Chrome OS Canary.

So, enjoy using this new feature and share your file related to your business or anything with all other devices.


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