Amazon is all geared up to protect your home with the help of Alexa. This Thursday, the e-commerce giant released a preview of the latest model Alexa Guard whose details were first unraveled in the month of September along with other home security features.

When you switch on the Away mode in Alexa Guard settings, you will start getting notifications on your phone if the Echo device, which is available at your home location, is able to detect the sound of smoke or track any alarm that went off because of the presence of carbon monoxide gas in your home. It will also intimate if it can catch the sound of glass breaking.

If you happen to connect your Alexa Guard with the lighting present in your house, the device can turn the lights on its own when it senses that someone has entered the place. This advanced feature is additionally compatible with security systems offered by companies like Ring and ADT.

An Amazon spokesperson said that Alexa Guard can identify the sound that indicates danger; this identification is successfully done by detecting the acoustic pattern that matches the sound chosen by you.

On Thursday, Amazon rolled out Alexa security panel, which is highly compatible with the security systems offered by ADT, Ring, Scout Alarm arm and Abode. With the assistance from the security systems, Alexa can update the status to their respective owners. To ensure better security, the security systems can themselves upgrade their Alexa skills by using the Security Panel Controller API that is useful for the customers in the long run.

Amazon recently entered the security business and started offering Alexa-centric home security plans to its customers. This package includes Wink Hub 2, Ring Video Door Bell, Echo Dot, and other Alexa compatible devices.

Amazon makes tremendous efforts to make Alexa chattier, smarter and more like a human. One has to wait and see what other exciting features Amazon is going to integrate into Alexa to make it smarter.


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