Amazon has now launched two new colours for Kindle Paperwhite- Plum and Sage. After the revised version of Kindle Paperwhite, they are in total four colours now, the black, twilight blue, plum and sage.

Whatever colour you’ll opt, the front bezel will always be black in colour. So, only the back colour will be changed.

Some decent new increments are brought up by the Paperwhite after 2018 revision. Some of the new additions are waterproofing and backing for Audible book recordings, which had recently been restricted to the Amazon’s top-end Kindle Oasis.

The Paperwhite has long been the “default Kindle”, the Kindle Paperwhite. And now the new features are making it more useful for the e-readers.

There are some of the good stuff and bad stuff to know about the Paperwhite. Good stuffs include the new waterproofing feature, great display and weeks long battery.

But the bad stuffs to know is that there are no physical buttons, USB-C is a no-show and only 2.4 GHz wi-fi.

Be that as it may, it would have been ideal to see Amazon roll out improvements to the Paperwhite not withstanding propelling the new hues.

With these new colours of Kindle Paperwhite, it has also made some updates. Amazon Kindle has now started supporting permanent documents and book deletion from personal libraries directly from newer Kindle e-readers.

But now the it is a bit thinner, light in weight, and smaller than the old model. Other features are same as the old model.

The new feature Waterproofing is the place one of the Paperwhite’s defects becomes possibly the most important factor, however. In contrast with the Oasis, physical page turns fasten. The best way to associate with the Kindle is with its touchscreen feature. This is as similar to the touchscreen that goes totally haywire from an over-burden of consistent data sources when it interacts with the water. But now the new update with new colours, cripples the touchscreen totally.

Now you can order the new launches of colours, plum and sage from Amazon. It is now available there to be delivered through the best courier service for eCommerce portals. They have started 8Gb storage at $129.99 whereas 32 Gb at $159.99.


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