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Sony Planning to Release at least Five Mobile Games in Asia by 2018

As per the recent reports Sony is planning to release minimum five games before March 2018.  When it comes to gaming, Sony and Microsoft have a prominent role with their PlayStation and Xbox. But Sony doesn’t take it up to the notch when it comes to Mobile gaming. So, Sony has decided to make a solid move by setting the release of the mobile games by 2018.

The firm is not a making the initial moves into this, earlier it was into the scenes and not even exactly one of the top players either in the smartphone gaming. So things will get a change in 2018, as per the sources which are turn out to be accurate.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Available in Stores from Nov 10

Reports say that Sony Interactive Entertainment is gearing up to release five smartphone games as a minimum in late March of 2018, by targeting some regions in Asia and Japan.

The future smartphone games are going to be released based on the popular PlayStation series. So this is the great news for the gaming lovers, and soon they can expect the favorite old games that can play on the latest hardware.

So the games usually attracts the smartphone games which are popular with their console titles or iconic games. For example, as you all knew how the Pokemon GO is successful and it stands as the proof of it.

Sonic Mania announced trailer and release date of the game for Xbox One, PC, and PS4

Although the March 2018 release is quite far away and this means it could bring a lot of changes in the meantime. Sony might start announcing their future smartphones titles later this year, of course, the actual release is further down the line.

This might not be a big surprise, since Sony already announced back in March this year about its latest ForwardWorks mobile gaming division. This will bring the PlayStation Games to Android and iOS with the fully fledged game titles.

It has not updated any information related to that at this point about the release of its first titles from ForwardWorks. These new games are going to be roll out first in Asia regions and Japan. Consider this information as the pinch of salt, as there is no official confirmation from Sony regarding the release of smartphone games in 2018.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update:Top New Features to Come

Top features users are going to experience in Windows 10 Anniversary update.

It’s been almost a year Windows 10 has got released and been running on 350 million devices. Microsoft is preparing to release its update on August 2, named windows 10 anniversary update. This update provides a new range of features and improvements for users.

Microsoft made the update available now for the users opted windows insider program, it will be automatically pushed out to Windows 10 on August 2nd. The company is making a big push get users upgrade to the newer version. However, free update offer to Windows 10 is going to come and end by July 29. Microsoft hopes the new update will promise the people switch to Windows 10.Users who are using Windows 10 currently can get  the upgrade for free and experience the cool features.

Here are the 10 best new features in upcoming Windows.

Windows Ink:

A new sketchpad is introduced for drawing a guide or doodle, and a user can use it to draw shapes or straight lines with the help of a virtual ruler. The screen sketch feature automatically takes a screen grab and let user ink all over it and share it quickly. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t find a perfect solution for all the limitations of pen input in Windows 10.

Microsoft users Have Two More Days To Get Windows 10 Update For Free

Microsoft Edge Extensions:

Microsoft is heading to Edge browser, the update support for extensions and now its up to third-party developers. These extensions resemble to chrome extensions, and the similar ones like Adblock, Last Pass, 1password and EverNote are available already. The company has added web notifications for the edge, websites are pushing notifications to Windows 10 Action Centre.

Cortana improvements:

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, made a debut on Windows 10 last year. The latest update brings it to the lock screen. A user can assign it to play music, make a note, set a reminder and much more even without logging in. Cortana has got more intelligent, and now user can schedule appointments in Outlook or opt to send friends a document.

Dark theme and UI tweaks:

It’s an incomplete UI last year. Now it came out well groomed. Most of the monitors continued using dark mode across the OS. A user can switch on to even darker mode in settings, and it will switch built-in apps that use a white background over to black.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update to make a big push for Education

Setting time zone automatically:

Now user need not adjust PC clock manually when travelling abroad for a vacation. Though it is a minor feature, it’s the small things which make a difference. Microsoft didn’t enable the time zone automatically switch by default, and user needs to enable it from the settings app.

Windows Hello for apps and websites:

Microsoft has got up with an excellent feature Windows Hello. It is one of the best features the company added to Windows 10.  It will let the user login into Windows without using a password by just scanning the user’s face by using a special camera. Now Microsoft is making this feature even better with integration into apps and websites.

Windows 10 apps on Xbox One:

Windows 10 now powers Xbox One. Microsoft will launch an update for its gaming console to support Cortana and new apps. The company is expecting to more number of Xbox apps, and few were appearing already.

Bash in Windows:

Whole developer world was surprised when Microsoft unveiled bash for Windows, which is mainly useful for developers. Microsoft is adding Linux commands to Windows 10, which really a good addition for Linux developers to access their tools on Windows. It’s an optional feature and user need to enable it.

Microsoft Pays $10,000 to Marin Woman for Automatic Window 10 Update

 Protect to PC:

Microsoft is adding a new option which mainly suits for the business environment to Windows 10 ‘project to PC’. This option allows you to find a PC easily to project from the phone or another PC. A user can project what he sees on his display onto another machine, and allowed to use its keyboard, mouse.

New Skype app:

Windows 10 already have so many Skype apps, and it’s really tough to choose one. Microsoft has created a new app which is said to the future of Skype on Windows 10. Though it is not completely featured yet, but it will serve the purpose of basic Skype audio and video calls.

Sync your phone notifications to your PC:

The syncing phone is one of the best features in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. A user can use Cortana to sync notifications from their Windows 10 or Android phone. Few more features also enabled like replying to messages, dismiss notifications, and quickly send photos from a phone to a PC.

company is encouraging the update to see in action. Even this upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update isn’t complete. But, its going to be a promise by Windows 10 across multiple devices.


Microsoft’s Play Anywhere reaches Xbox in September          

In the previous month, Microsoft announced the details about the Xbox Play Anywhere at the Stage E3. The release for the Xbox Play Anywhere will be in the month of September. This might be during the Windows 10 Anniversary update release. And finally with this update, the users can play certain Xbox one games on the PC. This is the report mentioned in the Polygon, and this cross-platform gaming is the new era which the gamers are expecting to release from a long time.

On Friday i.e. July 1, 2016, the update says that the expected release date of the Xbox Play Anywhere will be on September 13, 2016, which is two months from now. Earlier Microsoft is not sure and bit unclear about the date of release for the launch of the service, but earlier this week they confirmed the release timings.

Microsoft Pays $10,000 to Marin Woman for Automatic Window 10 Update

The Xbox one users have to update the new summer release update which is going to release in few weeks. The PC users are required to update the Windows 10 anniversary update from the Microsoft, which is officially confirmed to be released on August 2, 2016.

As per the reports, Xbox Play anywhere is needed with the coming Windows 10 update along with the future Xbox one software update. As of now the list of the supported games are ReCore, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and others.

The supported games list for the Xbox Play Anywhere is updated on the official website, and the icon for the Play anywhere is updated in the online store.

Check out the exclusive games list which supports the Xbox Play Anywhere.

Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, ReCore, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Ark: Survival Evolved, Cuphead, Halo Wars 2, Scalebound, Killer Instinct Season 3, We Happy Few, Crackdown 3

Microsoft Announced”Game with Gold” Free games for June to Xbox One and 360 users

If you are not aware of the Microsoft’s Play Anywhere, you can check the more information at the Microsoft official news blog.

Microsoft Announced ‘Game with Gold’ Free games for June to Xbox One and 360 users

The starting of a new month would cheer up Xbox gamers as it would bring their next pack of free games in Xbox. As we all aware about the ‘GAME with GOLD’ offer of Microsoft, this would give away two games free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

They allow users to download them for a limited amount of time on both the gaming consoles Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Microsoft had enabled backwards compatible mode from November 2015 which allows the latest console Xbox one to get four free games per month only for the Gold plan subscribers and two free games for Gold program enrollees of Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 stops production after more than a decade

 As the Month is going to end, they had announced the list of free games for the month of June. It would enlighten the gaming enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for the announcement.

According to Xbox’s Major Nelson, the announced list includes all the four titles with their respective time periods

For Gold users of Xbox One, the released games are as follows

Play Doom’s open beta live on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One

“Goat Simulator” would be available for free from 1st to 30th of June. The Game was developed by Coffee Stain Studios which usually costs $9.99 is now offered for free.

“The Crew” a racing game developed by Ubisoft, which is normally sold for $29.99.Gold users can download the game and play from 16th of June to 15th of July.

Gold Users of Xbox 360, are availed with the following list of games

“Super Meat Boy” which is an independent video game designed by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes is allowed for free download from June 1st to 15th.

Turok games will come to Xbox One

“XCOM: Enemy Unknown” is a hit game developed by 2K Games originally sold at $39.99 is given for free and available for download during 16 to 30 of June.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 stops production after more than a decade

Microsoft’s best and secondary gaming console Xbox 360 has transformed the entire generation in to gaming. Microsoft discontinuous the production of gaming console Xbox 360. By the last November 2015, Microsoft had unlocked the new achievement by the launch of Xbox 360 gaming consoles ten years ago. Microsoft has thanked everyone who was in the part of achieving this milestone. They felt proud of all the work, and development went through in the Xbox 360 hardware, services, and games portfolio in the last decade.

The Production has stopped building the new Xbox 360 consoles and the remaining units, or the existing inventory which is available will be sold in the various countries. The availability depends on upon the stock and varies for each country. After the launch of Xbox 360 in 2005, till date more than 80 million units of the gaming consoles have been sold. Apart from this Xbox had introduced Microsoft’s Kinect, A motion-sensing gaming device.

Microsoft knows that some gamers are active on the Xbox 360 since the Xbox gaming experience evolve and grow, they will continue in providing the support to the users. This is the great move by the Microsoft. The owners of the Xbox 360 still able to receive the Xbox live services for their consoles such as online multiplayer, Games with Gold, Deals with Gold, etc. Xbox hardware will be supported at www.xbox.com/support. Gamers can buy the Xbox games more than 4000 that are available in the Xbox 360 online store. Xbox owners can enjoy the games services provided by the Xbox 360 community with no additional price.

In this eve, Phil Spencer also thanked Xbox 360 community for the great extent and diverse developers, gamers, and publishers who brought so much creativity and passion to the Xbox 360. Our community had the prominent role in getting success all in the path. They are the Heart of the entire team Xbox.

Xbox 360 console allows many favorite and popular games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, Call of Duty series, Crackdown, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Assassin’s Creed- Series, Fallout-series, etc. all these different games are played moxstly on the Xbox 360 console.

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