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Paytm Food Wallet for tax-free food allowance to employees instantly

Paytm Food Wallet: Paytm has launched Food Wallet feature to help enterprises transfer food reimbursements to their employees. This Paytm Food Wallet serves employees in a cashless manner under a tax-free bracket. Typically, it is a Sodexo like feature making digital payments at food outlets. Also, this helps users preventing loss of coupons or expiry.

Paytm taps the Rs. 25,000 crore tax-free allowance market with the launch of this Food wallet. The food wallet comes inbuilt within the Paytm app with a unique interface to real-time balance. The Nearby feature in the Food wallet provides a list of partnered food outlets in the surroundings.

Paytm Mall app to empower Paytm Partners to sell online products using QR Codes

Paytm claims that the Food wallet has been rolled out for some corporate offices, and allows sending money to employees residing anywhere in the country. Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma also tweeted that the Food Wallet will recognize all your payments at all partnered food and beverage outlets.

Essentially, this Paytm food Wallet replaces the bulky physical coupons and makes the transactions digital. You can make use of this at KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Cafe Coffee Day, Zomato and Big Bazaar among others. Besides this, the food wallet also offers some exclusive discounts, offers, and cashbacks as well. Paytm claims that they have partnered with many outlets across the country to serve better with the food wallet.

New Paytm Wallet Insurance Will Protect Your Money from Theft and Fraud Transactions

“Paytm food wallet will revolutionize the traditional meal voucher space and will benefit all stakeholders - employers, employees and food retailers. Corporate employees can now pay for their food and beverages using their mobile on the go and keep track of all payments made on the app,” says, Kiran Vasireddy, Senior Vice President at Paytm.

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Paytm Mall app to empower Paytm Partners to sell online products using QR Codes

paytm mall app QR codes image

Paytm has announced an all-new QR code feature in its app and Paytm Mall app which lets you order products online at physical retail stores using QR code. This Paytm partner outlet benefits both customer and partners promising same day delivery.

Paytm claims that the interested customers can order Samsung smartphones from any partnered local physical store. Consumers can shop through the new QR code feature in the Paytm or Paytm Mall app.

While purchasing, Customers should scan the QR code at the Paytm partner outlets which will land them on the product page on the Paytm Mall. Consumers can order the product online and pay online using debit/ credit card, Paytm wallet, net banking or cash on delivery. The user can take the product delivery from the nearest authorized seller.

New Paytm Wallet Insurance Will Protect Your Money from Theft and Fraud Transactions

“Our goal is to enable customers to transact online and offline easily. We feel this assisted commerce model will transform regular businesses. Imagine, an apparel salesman will now be able to sell electronics or groceries, and vice versa. The possibilities are endless,” Paytm team mentioned in a blog post.

How does this help Paytm partners?

  1. Allows selling products without investing in inventory or logistics.
  2. Promising same-day deliveries for customers.
  3. They can sell a range of products in their stores, i.e. an apparel store can now sell electronics or groceries and vice-versa.

Paytm Offline Payment Method: Pay,Transfer and Recharge Without Internet

Furthermore, the Paytm team briefs that the new QR code feature will help Paytm partners to extend their product range without investing in inventory or logistics. Paytm further promises that it will work with other brands to get the first-of-its-kind sales model to other categories soon.

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New Paytm Wallet Insurance Will Protect Your Money from Theft and Fraud Transactions

The Indian payment Gateway Paytm has introduced new wallet insurance for their users to safeguard the money. The new Paytm Wallet Insurance secures in the case of theft, loss of device and unauthorised access to your Wallet.

All the Paytm users having balance in their wallets would be automatically upgraded to Paytm Wallet Insurance scheme without cutting any additional money. The lost money would also be refunded to the respective wallets.

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For this users have to report the loss immediately to the paytm.com/care or can call to toll-free number +91 9643979797. And then file the FIR about the loss of device and you to share the details with the Paytm. The officials will recover

  • Loss of Paytm Wallet Balance up to Rs. 20,000 in a case of fraud transactions and loss of device or mobile.
  • The Paytm Wallet Balance has been paid to unauthorised fraud transactions if the user login details have not shared.

Paytm Wallet Insurance

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The process to claim the loss of Paytm Wallet Balance in the case of loss of the wallet balance due to loss of theft of device and fraudulent transactions is as follows:

  • First, you have to report the loss or theft of mobile or device by calling to a toll-free number or at paytm.com/care.
  • Then lodge the FIR against the loss of mobile to the police and share the details to the Paytm.
  • In a case of fraudulent transactions, users have to submit the details of reporting.
  • Paytm officials will block your account post the incident.
  • The claim will be assessed if it found genuine. If the claim is genuine, the user will get the lost wallet balance within five working days.
  • The wallet balance will be refunded only when the after the user confirms that they got access to the account.

Paytm Starts Offering Recurring Payments for Digital Subscriptions

The Indian Digital Payments Company, Paytm launched the recurring bill service for the digital subscription cloud-based companies like Gaana and Saavan. People who used like these apps can choose the Paytm to pay the Digital Subscriptions whenever required. Through this new service, it is more convenient for both customers and business.

This allows the developers and entrepreneurs to use company’s API, Plugins and SDKs to accept the recurring payments from customers only within hours. However, the company extended the same to developers and entrepreneurs and would charge the users for apps and services.

Paytm Offline Payment Method: Pay,Transfer and Recharge Without Internet

Kiran Vasireddy, SVP at Paytm said, “Our easy-to-integrate subscription billing service would make payments easier and seamless than ever before while allowing new age entrepreneurs to offer innovative services at an aggressive pricing. Developers can now have instant access to Paytm’s sandbox and can go live with this frictionless payment flow in no time.”

Developers of respective companies can log on to the paywithpaytm.com/developers and can download the relevant API in order to enable the Digital Subscriptions service. After one-time subscription authorised by the customer, the amount for subscription will automatically be debited from the customer Paytm wallet.

Paytm now offers a wide range of payment solutions for online businesses that range from apps and websites through scalable SDKs and API. That even allows accepting payments by sharing in Whatsapp or by generating SMS links.

Paytm Offline Payment Method: Pay,Transfer and Recharge Without Internet

Paytm announced a new feature, i.e., Offline Payment Method. It allows the user to make the payments without smartphone or internet by using Paytm Mobile Wallet. But you still need a smartphone in order to create your account and have to link your phone number to it.

To make payment without internet or smartphone, all you need is a working phone even if it is a feature phone. The company launched a toll-free number, i.e., 1800-1800-1234. You have to call that number to set the PIN. After that, you can easily pay the shopping or recharge through the phone using Paytm Mobile Wallet.

Paytm Payments Bank got Final Nod From RBI: Operations will start From February

As the government announced the Digital Money usage, in a bid to help the people, Paytm comes up with Offline Payment Method. Through the released toll-free number, merchants and consumers can send or receive the money without web or smartphone.

In addition to the transfer of money, users can also recharge their phone numbers through the Paytm Offline Payment Method. To use this offline service without internet, first of all, you need to set up four digit PIN number through a toll-free number.

Paytm offline payent method

Users can use Paytm Mobile Wallet and recharge their mobile with Offline Payment Method.

How to Transfer Money From Paytm to Any Bank Account

Follow the steps for How to use Paytm without the Internet :

  • To use the new feature, first, you need to create the Paytm account. Because it is applicable for the existing users only.
  • Dial toll-free number 1800-1800-1234 through the registered Paytm phone number.
  • You have to select the language, next enter 4-digit PIN number and confirm it by replying with 1. If you not set the PIN you will get this step.
  • If you set the PIN already, you will be asked to press 1 for send money.
  • Enter the mobile number on which you want to send money.
  • Now enter the amount you want to transfer and enter 4-digit PIN which you set before.
  • Confirm your transaction by replying with 1, and you will notify your ID number.

In order to recharge, you need to press 2 and follow the further instructions. Currently, Paytm has a user base of over 160 million. Recently Paytm had got the RBI approval for becoming a Payment Bank

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