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No physical police verification required for Passport: Government

Passport police verification

Passport applicants need not undergo physical police verification anymore. Central Government has made police verification not compulsory. The procedure of obtaining a passport is getting minimized and easier. Recently Govt also declared that there is no need for the submission of the birth certificate as a proof of a passport. In spite of birth certificate, Aadhaar card/ PAN card or SSC marks memo can be submitted for further processing. Now the elimination of physical verification is also done. It has been announced that passport will be printed both in Hindi and English languages.

What was the actual procedure?

Till now the applicant uses to submit the details and proofs like residential proofs, identity proof proofs in the passport issue office. After document verification, police will visit the resident address provided in the personal details. They will verify the details and check the person’s good behavior by consulting neighbor and then go for further processing. Not reducing the stress this part of verification is being abolished.

What is the procedure for passport verification?

Technology is taking over the human being, who has ultimately created it. Now physical verification will not take place. In spite of that, all the required data of the applicant will be uploaded online.

A centralized database of anti-social elements and criminals would be created, covering pan-India. When a particular person’s police records are required to be verified, this centralized database would be used.

No Need for Women to Change Surnames in the Passport After Marriage

A new system called Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems Project (CCTNS) is attached to passport services of the Ministry of External Affairs. So the verification will take place through this.

Speaking of the changes, Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi said, “The police portal will provide the citizen facility for online complaint registration and request for antecedent verification. The CCTNS project will help in realizing the Prime Minister’s dream of ‘minimum government, maximum governance.’”

Security issues:

If there is any issue with the person’s identity police may visit their resident and go for verification. They will be carrying the hand held device which consists of all the criminal records stored in it.

The name and identity of the applicant will be run on the database stored in Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems Project (CCTNS) and check the records for any match. In this way, the person’s police record will be identified.

Already the physical verification process was eliminated in certain states, and Pune became the first city to abolish physical verification. The CCTNS has approved in 2009 itself but came into existence after Home Minister Rajnath Singh launched the Digital Police portal.

One the minister from home ministry said: “This will allow police to access court and prison records, aiding the investigation.”

Rajiv Mehrishi, Union Home Secretary, further said, “Police in some states like Telangana is already using CCTNS for passport credentials. They will be given handheld devices to go to an applicant’s address and upload his or her details on to the network. It will minimise contact with police and reduce time.”

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No Need for Women to Change Surnames in the Passport After Marriage: Modi


From now on it is not necessary for a woman to change their names in the passport after marriage. Even to get other travel certificates they can use their parent’s names for it. So no woman have to change their names or surnames in their passport providing the marriage proofs or divorce proofs. Narendra Modi himself talking about the Women empowerment in Indian Merchants Chamber(IMC) stated this in the video conference held on Thursday.

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He took the aspiring businesswomen as examples and said that women are two steps ahead of men. In the dairy businesses, cattle businesses women’s hand is more involved than the men. Lijjat Papad (Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad, also known as Lijjat, is a cooperative involved in the manufacturing of various fast moving consumer goods) and Amul are the best examples for this.

Not only these two but there are so many women in our country who proved that they are not any less than the men. Also, 70% of the Mudra Loans are taken by women themselves. On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanthi, Modi went Nagpur to pay his respects to the statue, take part in the pooja ceremonies and also do some development works.

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E-Passport Chip-Embedded: Government Will Implement by Next Year


Central Government to Implement Chip Embedded E-Passports

The Lok Sabha, Minister of State of External Affairs, VK Singh said that the government was in the process of procuring e-passport machines. The e-passports are likely to secure the data and to check the fake passports. He also announced that digital passports that can even carry in mobile will be introduced in the next phase.

Singh said that facilities for e-passports installed, and expected that the fresh passports would issue from next year in which chips are embedded in it. He also mentioned that once the police verification is delayed due to the sorting of electronic passing information, the time of issuing the passports could be minimized.

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An e-passport contains the electronic chip which holds the same information that is printed on passport’s data page. The Government is going to issue e-passports to the citizens and also given the authority for manufacturing electronic contactless e-passports to India Security Press (ISP) Nasik.

The Minister VK Singh had visited Saudi to help the people who are struck there and also said that the Saudi government is cooperating in getting the claims from Saudi employers. He also advised those who are still going to Saudi for employment to be cautious and have to make an enquiry about the channels through they are going.

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Singh said that “he said manufacture of e-passport would commence on the successful completion of the tendering and procurement process by ISP, Nasik.

To a separate question, Singh said the MEA had received a proposal from the Ministry of Women and Child Development for waiver of No Objection Certificate (NOC) required from a father in case a child travels to India on tourist visa”.

Police Verification for the Passport done with One Click; Mobile App for Instant Police Verification

Indian passport police verification

Chennai Regional Passport Seva office is developing the application for the police verification. Previously getting the passport is the hardest thing faced by most of the people. Regional passport officers are making the right moves in enhancing the things to receive the passport in mean time.

Nowadays the applying for the passport is made easy by the passport authorities. After submitting the application at the Passport Seva office and next is police verification. Now this process is made comfortable to the users.

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According to the latest news, Chennai Regional officers are developing the mobile application for this instant police verification. With this improvement, the verification process becomes faster; this app is developed based on the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS). All the police stations have to update and track the details in the CCTNS. Regional Passport Officer K Balamurugan also said during the announcement on Tuesday.

He also said that there are some issues between the Regional Passport Office (RPO) and the Tamil Nadu police department that are being ironed out.

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The person who involved in this project is Seema Agarwal, Additional Director General of Police, said that status of the application is in conceptual stage now.

On the basis of Jana Mahiti Report-2016, prepared by the Bengaluru-based NGO notified that 38.18 lakh was paid as bribe to policemen across the country to get verification done. These statistics are between years 2010 and 2014.

After the arrival of this application, we can expect the major changes in the verification process. Balamurugan also said these all measures are introduced to reduce the time in getting the passport and in issuing the passports to the applicants as part of the Centre’s re-engineering of e-governance.

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With this update, RPO is getting the positive response from the people. RPO made the right initiative and as Police verification slowed down the whole process in issuing the passport.