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Instagram’s TikTok Clone Reels Updates to Allow Longer Videos, Easier Edits

This time after the reviews of the feature criticized its designs and reports indicated that it was failing to gain the traction, now Instagram is coming up with new changes to its Reel, a Tik Tok competitor.

Moreover, the company said that after rolling out new changes according to the feedbacks on a few fronts, it gives the ability to extend the timer, to create much longer videos, and even adding tools to trim and delete clips for much easier editing for all the Reels users.

As Reels expands to new market, the features will be available in 50 countries for now worldwide where Reels is available.

Today Instagram said that the timer extension will take time and will probably roll out in the coming few days. And also, along with the option to create 30-second video, Reels is rolling out today along with the new trimming and editing features which are currently live.

In spite of being blatant attempt at being a TikTok clone, now Reels lacks other TikTok features like duets or even its family pairing parental control. It also becomes difficult to understand how to share videos more privately.

Reels can also be posted to stories but they disappear after 24 hours or they can be seen on your profile in their own tab, which is a quite confusing design choice. Moreover, the combination of Reels in the Instagram app contributes to app bloat.

As Instagram Reels director, Tessa Lyons Laing said that they will continue to improve Reels based on people’s feedback and those updates make it easier to create and edit. While it’s still early, they’re seeing a lot of entertaining, creative content.

All the TikTok users will say it is very easy to use but how. TikTok users don’t have to be a great video editor to make what appears to be fairly polished, short form videos synced to music.

With Reels, there’s more manual editing involved in terms of locating the right music and matching it up with your edits. The users might have to do it themselves instead of leaving it up to the tech to do it for them.

And now Reels has managed to onboard a number of high-profile users. Today the raising top Reels from creators like Blair Imrani, Doug the Pug, Eitan Bernath are some of the examples of its creative content.

Lets’ wait for other features to come and see how Reels will start engaging more users. For more updates of Reels, stay tuned with us.