Due to the increase of automobiles and biological molecules in the main cities, Air Pollution has increased compared to past days. Especially in the towns, it is a major problem now, and with this people is suffering from various diseases. Keeping this in mind, Chinese Electronics Company Xiaomi which is now popular in India also with their products has come up with an innovative product to escape from Air Pollution.

Xiaomi has launched first Anti-Pollution Mask with rechargeable Air Filter which provides you a clean air. Priced at Rs. 870, Xiaomi Anti-Pollution Mask is currently available in China only and very soon it will come to India.

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The new Xiaomi Air-Pollution Mask is capable of offering PM 2.5 purification efficiency up to 99 percent. The pollution of Air after Diwali has increased the sales of Air Purifiers in India and especially in Country’s capital sales have doubled in the past couple of days. By taking advantage on this, dealers and Electronics sellers had increased prices of Air Purifiers. The price for a decent Air purifier Starts at around Rs. 8000 and go up to Rs. 40,000 based on brand and capacity.

If you can’t have enough money to spend that much, here is a better option for you from Xiaomi. The top growing electronics company has come up with anti-pollution mask featuring a built-in air filter. Now, the Anti-pollution Mask is available to buy on Xiaomi’s official website in China.

Made with a high-fiber fabric, the mask offers a three-dimensional structure. It has a rechargeable air filter which has a capable of achieving PM 2.5 filtration efficiency up to 99 percent.

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The Air filter on the mask will be removable. The housing inside has made of high-quality polyester fabric. The air filter gets a custom-built ultra slim fan with a three-level speed, power on/off key, built-in battery, knob type filter catridque and special air volume memory. The mask has recharge battery which takes two to three hours to charge fully.

Xiaomi Cloth Pear Fresh anti-pollution mask has been available with a pricing at RMB 89 which is nearly Rs. 870. Currently, it is available in China, and very soon the company will take it to India.


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