World Hepatitis Day
World Hepatitis Day 2017

World Hepatitis Day 2017

On 28 July 2017, World Hepatitis Day (WHD) brings the world together to create the awareness of viral hepatitis. Everyone has the power to influence real change in diseases prevention, access to testing, treatment and care. By 2030 we can eliminate viral hepatitis as a public health threat. Lets us know the World Hepatitis Day Date and importance. A group of infectious diseases is known as Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E.

Encourage, Prevention, diagnosis and treatment are the strategies to eliminate Hepatitis. Every year, due to cause of hepatitis 1.34 million people are facing death. The Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C cause 80% of liver cancer cases in the world. It is truly global epidemic that can affect millions of people. Present 90% of people living with hepatitis B and 80% with C are not aware of their status.

The World Hepatitis Day 2017 is one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by World Health Organization (WHO). This disease can result in the real possibility of developing fatal liver disease and in some cases unknowingly transmitting the infection to others. Here are few Quotes on World Hepatitis Day to create awareness for the people.

It is one of the great opportunities to join together and raise the profile of viral hepatitis among the public and on the global health agenda. This day is mainly to observed for making the people to get lot of information about prevention, cure and causes of hepatitis. Check the World Hepatitis Day Date and we are going to join our hands on July 28, 2023 to provide the knowledge for public.

Million people are suffering from Hepatitis Virus. There are huge campaigns to create awareness regarding World Hepatitis Day 2017. All around the world at public places and clinical area organise various activities and everyone can check Hepatitis Day 2017 Theme.

World Hepatitis Day 2017 Theme

The 2016 Theme “Prevent Hepatitis: It’s up to you”.

The 2015 Theme “Prevention of Viral Hepatitis. Act now”.

The 2014 Theme was “Hepatitis: Think Again”.

The 2013 Theme “More must be done to stop this silent killer”.

The 2012 Theme “It’s closer than you think”.

The 2011 Theme “Hepatitis affects everyone, everywhere. Know it. Confront it”.

World Hepatitis Day Quotes

“Hepatitis doesn’t always present symptoms”

“Hepatitis A and B are vaccine preventable diseases, yet they continue to be the most commonly reported vaccine preventable diseases. Getting vaccinated, especially if you are at high risk, provides the best protection from these diseases”

“There is growing need to make people aware of the severity of the disease in the region. People need to be extra careful, as it is one of the regions where infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) is common.”

“Just Because I Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have It

Getting Tested Early = Staying Healthy Longer”

“Hepatitis Is A Word Not A Sentence, Hepatitis Doesn’t Define Me”

World Hepatitis Day

“Giving vaccine works because we’ve seen case levels of hepatitis A and B drop in Florida. In the past eight years (2001-2008), acute hepatitis B cases have decreased by 49 percent, and hepatitis A cases have dropped by 84 percent”

“People don’t know this but I helped the Cardinals win the pennant. I came down with hepatitis. The trainer injected me with it”.


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