China doesn’t want to accept Taiwan as an Independent nation, so Apple had to update its features to remove the Taiwan flag emoji from the iPhones which were to be delivered in the Chinese region. As a glitch after configuration, few iPhones crashed if the word “Taiwan” or Taiwan flag emoji was typed or found on the screen. Apple’s attempt to filter text on its iPhone to appease the Chinese government crashed iOS. Presently the bug has been fixed but this shows the amount of control that the powerful politicians have on business.

Patrick Wardle, a chief security researcher at Digita Security found the bug and immediately  wrote on his blog that the iOS operating system to happened to crash and stop working if the settings are changed to a certain region. In 1949, during the Chinese civil war, the Communist party won and forced all nationalists to move to mainland Taiwan. The People’s republic of China led by a Communist, Mao Zedong set up a government in Beijing while the Nationalists moved their government to the Republic of China, Taipei. China claims Taiwan as its territory, but Taiwan claims it has all the rights to self-govern. Due to this unending confusion and worries, the iphone systems messed up their OS big time and the system started crashing under weird circumstances.


Wardle helped Apple to fix the bug through a security update. Now iOS has switched a setting wherein if your location is China then the Taiwan flag emoji will disappear from your library and appear as a missing emoji. But in certain phones Taiwan emoji didn’t go missing rather it showed as invalid input and then the phones crashed. Hackers call it as CVE-2018-4290 ‘denial of Service'(DOS) attack that lets anyone block a genuine users authority to the server making him vulnerable and crash a device on command like the iOS 11.3.

The crash was because of a memory issue regarding how the operating system processes and removes a few emojis when a device region is not set properly, so the system returns a null value. Now that it has been identified the company is leaving no stone unturned in addressing the issue and getting it fixed so that the users do not get frustrated due to frequent crashing.


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