A new update for Window 10 has been launched. Do not feel agitated if you are not in the batch of people who have received it, feel relieved! Those who have installed the update on their machines are regretting as it has resulted in wiping out large amounts of data that was backed up on the devices, but not on Onedrive.  Sadly for them, rolling back to the previous version also will not help them to restore the lost files.

Apparently, such incidents had been reported by the testers of Windows 10 update (version 1809). A windows insider reported “The files I had in my local documents folders are gone, this includes application that I was using. Now that folder is empty after the update. I didn’t delete them, the update did. Windows should never do that,”. Another affected user advised people to ensure data back up on Onedrive before trying to install the latest update.

This is not the only issue being faced. There are compatibility issues with the local drivers as well. Due to this, some devices have been barred from downloading the latest update. Compatibility issues with the Intel Display Audio drivers have been reported. The glitch seems to be causing an “excessive processor demand and reduced battery life.”  The latest updates on devices are being blocked until the latest Intel Device Drivers are made available. This is to ensure a smooth transition.

To make sure that you do not accidentally install the update, disable the option of automatic download in the Settings.

The latest update released for Windows 10 is the second biggest since April this year. There are many new features and improvements included herein. One of these is a “Your Phone App” which permits you to see your Android Device on a PC. There are various useful features added to Outlook, Skype, Microsoft Edge, Swiftkey, Word and Powerpoint.

Though the features seem tempting and would be interesting to have them on your PC, it is advisable to wait for them as the update could result in a disastrous exchange.


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