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French electronic gadget manufacturer Zoook is well known for its audio accessories. Now, the company has launched a pair of wireless headphones, ZB-Rocker Twinpods. These wireless earphones function just like the Apple Airpods which the company has launched with the iPhone 7. These new Zoook Rocker Twinpods Bluetooth Earbuds are now available at

The Twinpods receive an independent and wireless signal from the device. Besides using it for music or audio, the headset has an integrated microphone to take calls on your phone. These ZB-Rocker Twinpods price in India is Rs 5499 and are water resistant as well.

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The Zoook Rocker Twinpods Bluetooth Earbuds features latest Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connectivity. Zook claimed that the earbuds have the Bluetooth range about 33 feet. A charging dock will be provided with the earphones which can charge earbuds thrice when charged once. Eventually, a fully charged dock can serve up to 16 hours of pods usage. However, the pods can be used up to 5 hours continuously on a single charge.

The ZB-Rocker Twinpods comes with three ear tips of different sizes for best fit into ears. So, no need of worrying about how the ear-pods hooks into your ears.

Zook has made its debut in India and is offering a wide range of mobile accessories. The product range includes headphones, wireless speakers, and power banks. On the other hand, the company offers similar options which other tech giants like Logitech, JBL, Bose, and Creative provide. The pricing of the Zoook products is affordable and competitive with other brands in the market.