If you are looking for your daily dose of GIFs and cool memes, then Tumblr is the place to be. On this social network, you can find all the salacious material that you would like to explore. Tumblr, by default, has turned Safe Mode on for all its users and thus if you need to see some adult-related blogs, you should know how to turn off safe mode on Tumblr.

What Is NSFW?

NSFW stands for ‘Not Safe for Work’ content and is quite rampant across the internet nowadays. This acronym basically suggests that the link to a given webpage, photo, audio clip or video contains inappropriate content, which if accessed publicly can cause embarrassment. This warning is often for porn stuff and also for offensive, violent, and foul content.

Now that you know safe mode is on by default on Tumblr regardless of the age of its users, you need to turn it off manually. Let’s see how to turn it off and watch restricted video content from the various devices you use. 

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr? 

Android Phone

  • Launch Tumblr on your Android phone.
  • You will see a humanoid symbol at the right corner. Click on it to access your account menu.
  • From this menu, choose ‘Settings’. Scroll down in settings submenu and tap on ‘Filtering’.
  • Here you will find Safe Mode, which is turned on by default. You can turn it off by tapping on the switch given next to the Safe Mode. 

By doing so, you are now free to explore all the NSFW content you want on Tumblr. 

iOS Devices

If you want to enjoy Tumblr without any restrictions on iPhone and iPad, here’s how you can do it. In Android phones, you would turn off the safe mode by going to Tumblr account settings, but on iPhone and iPad, you need to use the iOS settings to do so.

  • Open the Settings application of iOS from Home screen and scroll down to reach the Tumblr application and select it.
  • Under Tumblr Settings, tap on the Safe Mode and then tap on ‘Don’t Hide Anything’. This will turn the safe mode off for your iPhone and iPad. Now relaunch the Tumblr app and start watching anything and everything you want.

If you don’t have a Tumblr account but still want to watch some particular stuff, there are ways to do it without wasting time in creating an account and then switching off the safe mode. Here you can make use of certain websites that let you watch all Tumblr stuff unrestricted.

All these ways to turn the safe mode off are meant only for adults. Those below 18 years of age should stay away from all NSFW content.

Now that you know how to turn off safe mode on Tumblr, what are you waiting for? Turn off the safe mode using the instructions given above for Android and iOS and start exploring Tumblr without any restrictions.


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