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It is a well-known fact that the trailer of Vidya Balan’s upcoming film Begum Jaan took the internet by massive storm. For her boldness, flawless acting and fierce in dialogue delivery, Vidya took the limelight altogether. But unfortunately, the audience are going to miss the actress talking dirty in this film.

She is playing the role of a madame of a brothel. The film has undergone CBFC certification today, and they have cut down the cursing and abusing scenes of Vidya in it.

Though the movie was given Adult certification, Begum Jaan directed by Srijit Mukherjee reportedly undergone a lot of cuts, which including the long love making scenes and also a sequence, in which communal rivalry happens on a bus. Both the scenes were reduced to fifty percent, as they intend to create some negative impressions on audience minds.

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But the Bengali director Srijit argued that the adult viewership itself decides that it has some violence and sex than the standard levels, however, CBFC declared as it is not going to certify it if both the sequences were reduced.

The film has undergone 12 major cuts. As per the CBFC order, it says, “Deleted the dialogues behenchod (replaced with ‘behen ki jaat’ and ‘behen ki’), ‘madarchod,’ ‘bahen di loudi’ (replaced with ‘haraami’), ‘kudichod’ (replaced with ‘arrey oh’) where they occur.”

Begum Jaan Official Trailer

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