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Finally, the Bandar Laddu has entered into the Geographical Registry in food category. As many as 250 families in Machilipatnam have solely dedicated their lives to this craft of making Bandar Laddu. The people have credited Brundavanapura Bandar Laddu Manufacturer’s Welfare Association, president Gowra Venkateswara Rao, who owns Mallayya sweets for getting GI tag for this laddu.

The basic ingredients that they use to prepare laddu are Bangal gram flour, jaggery syrup and ghee.  The families staying in Pedana, Guduru and Nidumolu in Krishna district, which comes under Machiliptnam Taluk constituency, are doing the production activities of this laddu.

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Originally, this sweet is from Rajasthan. The localities of Machilipatnam have learned the art of preparing laddu from Rajpur families, who have migrated to this place, after the 1857 sepoy mutiny from Bundelkhand in Rajasthan. In Machilipatnam, these Rajputs are popularly called as Bondilis.

According to the report submitted by Venkateswara Rao, annually 10,000 kg of laddu is being exported to U.S., U.A.E., and European countries on an average and from now, the laddu will get a new GI Registry logo.

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