A big shock to Amazon Company!! US court ordered Amazon to refund money on app purchases which are done by the kids without parents’ permission.

On Thursday in Seattle court orders the Amazon company to reimburse money to the parents. They issued this order more than 6 months after finding the online retailer liable. Federal Trade Commission is the one who filed a case against this company.

In 2014 Federal  Trade Commission made a complaint that Amazon is making too easy for the children to make the bill on playing games like pet shop story, Ice Age Village, etc on the mobile devices. By this, they earned $86 million on unauthorized charges.

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By considering this issue court gives the order to reimburse the money, the court has given time to next year to settle all the amounts. First of all, Amazon has to give notice to the parents and then they have to start returning the money.

Generally, in games, they will give options to buy coins to continue the game. Kids will get attracted to that and purchase the coins or rewards without parent’s knowledge. Amazon has made that process very easy, so finally, parents are getting shocked by seeing their credit card bill.

FDC has claimed the case against the company and court also agrees that argument and given the judgment. But the court gave small relief to the company that they need not pay all amounts at a time, they can back the money to the parents gradually. The amount is for millions of dollars, so court gave some time for the company.

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Previously apple and Google have also paid substantial refunds of their similar cases, and now Amazon is in the same way.