Recep Tayyip Erdogan adds feathers of victory to his cap; Turkey’s votes and the people defined Erdogan’s position as President and granted him executive powers. However, the President’s ruling party failed to gain the majority, and is now depending on him for all the support and encouragement.

It is the start of the new era because many value-filled and dignified powers are given to the President, and not the Prime Minister. The President has all the right to not just appoint ministers and other high level officers, but also to prepare budget and security policies.

The world sees both applauders and the critics; the darker side of the issues showcase the critical aspect: the situation may further turn into a one-man administration, which may mask democracy with domination and dictation.

Among all the tasks that are lined up in front of the new President, economy of the nation is definitely the highest priority. The critical condition of Turkey and its progress towards prosperity need utmost importance and consideration.

It all relies on the steps to be taken by Erdogan over the forthcoming months. Along with announcing vast dreams and goals like desires to make his country one among the top 10 economies in the next 5 years, it is also important to chalk out a clear plan to achieve the targets and goals set forth.  

Rapidly increasing prices and declining income is one of the biggest threats and challenges, which Turkey is presently facing. The same has been the reason for the country to lose about 20 percentage of its value in comparison to that of dollar.

Amidst the strong vision and working spirit that the president is showered with, a few people say that the situation is not very easy to handle, while a few believe that economic crisis would soon capture the country and there would not be any room for improvement.

Vulnerabilities are lurking everywhere, and it’d be interesting to see how the new President conquers them, and works towards fulfilments of dreams of country as a whole.        


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