Many people have started to reconsider their plans of traveling not only to China, but also countries that are far from place of origin of the virus. Although no ball-park numbers are available at the moment about the number of cancellations of flights, hotel bookings and the like, sources within the system have mentioned that an increasing number of their customers are making changes to their travel plans. 

Travelers are also getting skeptical about going to places across Asia, including Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, and Cambodia. 

Information from an inside source of a travel insurance company based out of US mentioned that the insurance claims related to an Asian country have increased at an exponential rate compared to the first quarter of 2019. And, the reason for cancellations and reconsiderations has been Coronavirus. In fact, according to online booking portals, the overall demand for Intercontinental travel has declined by 3% most of which, were to China. 

The spread of Coronavirus has not only lead to a decline of travel to China, but has also prompted many countries to have new rules in place. 

Indian Health Ministry has passed a rule saying that none of the visas will be considered valid, whether that of an Indian, or a foreign national traveling from China. 

United States has also restrained entry of foreign nationals coming from China, along with having issued an order to not travel to China in the highest degree.  

For Australia, people who have been to China will only be allowed to enter the country after 14 days of having left China. The permanent residents can enter Australia, but must separate themselves for 14 days in case they have traveled to China. The government has also advised its residents against traveling to China. 

Similar guidelines have been issued by the governments of other countries as well including - Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and U.K.


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