TRAI to launch ‘MyCall’ app 

Telecom Regulator is going to introduce a new application called My call app which asks the user to rate the call quality after every call. The app can get downloaded from the end of the month. TRAI(Telecon Regulatory Authority of India) Chairman, RS Sharma said that India has 1.2 billion mobile phone users and if at least a few percentage of them provide them the details of the call quality it would be useful data.

The app will open a popup window after every call which the user can submit the call quality in the form of 1-5 rating, five being excellent and one is poor. The data will help the regulator for further analysis.

The call quality assessment will have several parameters and criteria as well as settings. Some of the parameters are consumers should be able to choose if they want to the call or not, when they do the rating, indoor or outdoor, geographic locations, etc.

He claimed that the app would also improvise the do not disturb app. The additional setting in the improvisation of DND app is to detect spam messages and suggest about that to the user etc. However, the enhancement is applicable only to filter spam messages but not calls.


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