With influencer marketing growing more and more popular over the last few years, people have started trusting influencers over celebrities when choosing brands to endorse or products to purchase. 

Realising the potential of influencers, businesses have also started implementing influencer marketing campaigns. In this article, we have compiled a list of 8 of the top Indian Instagram influencers whom you must follow in 2020, as they’ve carved a niche of their own, and built considerable fan-following. 

This list is a little off-beat, as we’ve picked up new noteworthy individuals from vivid sectors, instead of the same old boring top 10 list that you must have read over a 100 times already in 2020.

  • Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is one of the major fashion influencers when it comes to connecting with middle-class millennials. The journey of fashion blogging began since the days of her college. The blogger is from Delhi and is employed by POPxo for being an actress in the genre of comedy fashion and as video coordinator.

She started in 2013 and posted each day ever since; in fact, the work ethic she portrayed resulted in 400 videos within 18 months. She made the middle-class population believe that fashion is not just for the richest of the society. She is also termed as the glamour queen by a few.

She’s over 900k followers, verified Instagram account, and tons of engagement

Follow Komal on Instagram (@komalpandeyofficial)

  • Avinash Mada

Avinash Mada is one of the relatively young new boys in the Instagram arena, but make no mistakes, he isn’t a wannabe teen, he gained tremendous popularity in Instagram growth techniques, and even TOI covered his success story last year.

The famous Instagram marketer who founded IG Accelerators, and succeeded in making a staggering 80 lakhs in merely 6 months, soon gathered 55,000 followers on Instagram in a short span of just 4 months. In this modern era of digitalisation, he well understood the power of social media and exploited it to initiate building an empire. 

He is passionate about discussing youth and resolving the basic issues that they are facing, which often require modern solutions.

This teen influencer is pursuing Bachelors in LPU; LPU incubates the entrepreneur spirit prevailing in the country, which helped Avinash to do the same and boosted him to build a business-minded network within the college, and he hails from a small town in AP called Eluru.

We’ve put him #2 on the list, looking at the amazing work he has done, and the kinda popularity he has garnered in the last 12 months or so.

Follow him on Instagram (@meetavinash)

  • Natasha Diddee

Food is the foundational part of our presence and if we don’t get this basic entity right, we are pushing our body straight into trouble. Natasha Diddee believes in this and has become the biggest food influencer in the industry. 

Her journey is nothing but inspiration for all the new food bloggers and vloggers. She has been well known and has delivered several TEDx speeches in her journey. Her blog is filled with appetizing recipes and she is proud of the rich diversity of Indian cuisine.

She has a verified Instagram profile, and inching towards 100k followers.

Follow Natasha on Instagram (@thegutlessfoodie)

  • Om Thoke 

Om is someone who needs no introduction, when it comes to the Indian digital marketing landscape, and he has gained super high visibility since 2019, as he got invited to talk at reputed colleges like IIM Visakhapatnam, global conferences like Affiliate World Conferences Bangkok AWA 2019, and he has been literally on a roll ever since!

He wasn’t as popular on Instagram until 2019, and when he started marketing his Facebook Page, and YouTube aggressively, he soon grew to 40k followers, and now inching towards the coveted 50k mark.

His popular Quora Answer on making Rs 500/day as content writer went viral and raked in 200k+ views, LinkedIn posts have 250k+ views, and he’s one of the India’s most followed bloggers on LinkedIn, and he runs Bloggers World University program, where he helps aspiring bloggers make their first $100 in 100 days via micro niche blogs, and freelancing.

Follow Om on Instagram (@omthoke)

  • Harsh Agrawal

And, now that the discussion has already gone into the direction of blogging, Harsh Agrawal is someone who can never be forgotten for what he has built as the evergreen blog - Shout Me Loud, and he’s been a popular face in Indian blogosphere since 2009. 

The engineer calls himself an accidental blogger; well, the journey of Harsh Agarwal had been adventurous full of highs and lows. He believes that everything comes at a price; if one is willing to pay it, he will be rewarded by the universe.

He has been fairly active in recent times on Instagram, doing live Q&A sessions, and no list of Indian influencers will perhaps ever be complete without Harsh in it!

He has 20k+ Instagram followers, and just crossed 80k YouTube subscribers, and his blog ShoutMeLoud still gets tons of traffic.

Follow Harsh Agarwal (@DenHarsh) and ShoutMeLoud

  • Sorav Jain 

He might not have been as popular and probably you wouldn’t have heard of his name a couple of years ago, but that’s how dynamic the digital marketing and Instagram industry is.

Sorav Jain has quickly emerged as one of the popular personal branding and digital influencer coaches from India.

He has a verified Instagram account, and over 120,000 followers, and Sorav spearheads echoVME, a digital marketing agency based out of Chennai.

Follow Sourav on Instagram (@soravjain)

  • Pranwesha

If you’ve been following Indian influencers in lifestyle niche, you’d have definitely come across hundreds of female profiles, but this one caught our attention, because she’s not a conventional model turned Instagrammer.

She was actually an IT professional, who then had interesting twist of turns in her career path, and finally she donned the entrepreneurial hat and turned a full-time Instagram influencer, and has worked with dozens of popular brands not just in India, but also globally.

He also like the fact that her profile isn’t just loaded with purely shoutouts and paid promotions, and there’s a fair bit of natural posts and value additions from her end for audience, including frequent live appearances.

Follow Pranwesha on Instagram (@pranwesha)

  • Shahnawaz Karim

Biking has always been considered as a non-professional career in the eyes of the Indian public. Despite this very fact, Shahnawaz Karim has paved his way to fame and success by winning the reputed races conducted by Maruti, Yamaha, MMSC, KTM and more. He owns Wheels Guru, which is an automobile website and made it the one-stop place for bike lovers and travel enthusiasts.

Each Instagram influencer blends his or her respective brand awareness with consistent posting and a personal touch to attract users. Success marketers should learn from the influencers above and those leading their industry. 

Known for WheelsGuru, and UlkaGear, Shahnawaz isn’t some ultra popular with 100k followers or a verified profile, but he has about 28k followers, and definitely considered a micro influencer in his niche in India.

Follow Shahnawaz on Instagram (@shahnawazkarim)

So, there you have it - our list of 8 new Indian Instagram influencers whom we feel, you should follow in 2020 - do you have any new entrants that you feel, deserve to be included in the list? Do drop in your comments, and we’d keep adding new faces to this list throughout the rest of 2020.


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