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Top 20 Funny Websites : You never know what you have,Until you clean your room!!Life is FUN!Isn’t? I strongly believe that life is a journey in which no one can travel without FUN. As a kid we had lots of time and enjoyed fun with friends, family etc. Growing old is not the end to Fun, so in this busy robotic life you can still have fun. Check out how!!

Here we have a list of best funny sites on internet. As we spend most of our time on internet these days we can also have fun and relaxation on internet.


9GAG is founded on 12th April, 2008 by Ray Chan. Online Platform and social media website which allows you to upload user-generated content or other content from social media websites. The site is the top best source of fun and the mission of 9GAG is to give people the power to make the world happier. In terms of traffic 9GAG is ranked 195. The site is estimated to have above 260 Million visitors every month. You can follow 9GAG on Facebook and Twitter. 9GAG Facebook page have above 30 million likes and it has 6.84M Twitter followers. You can also get mobile app for your iOS, Windows 8, Android or for Blackberry 10 mobile.

2. is one among the top best funny sites in the world. It was founded in November, 2005 by Jack O’Brien. The site goes with the slogan, “America’s Only Humor site since 1958.” The site is currently owned by E W Scripps. Cracked was initially started as a magazine in the year 1958. You can follow the site on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. has expanded into the field of cheat sheets, live shows and books. In terms of traffic the site is globally ranked 1,022 and it is estimated to have 43 Million unique monthly visitors. Well, 30% of the traffic is generated from social networking sites.


Comedy Central Jokes is a huge collection of funny jokes; one liner which will definitely make you laugh load and will allow you to share them. The funnies are categorized into dirty jokes, Yo’ Mama Jokes, sports jokes, funny insults and pick-up lines, Blonde jokes, joke of the day and many. 83% of the traffic is generated from direct searches. Globally the site is ranked 2,025 and it is estimated to have 2 million monthly visitors. You can follow comedy central on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+. Comedy Central Twitter page have 1.41 Million followers.

4. is a photo blog and entertainment website founded in the year 2008. The site is independently owned and operated by Resignation, LLC. The site attained fame with few series of internet hoaxes from the date of its launch. Chive also runs a Chive charity organization. It is the best funny videos and the fun is categorised which makes you easy to access the humor of your interest. The site is globally ranked 1,403 by Alexa and you can download TheChive app to your smartphone which runs on windows 8, iOS and Android. The site has around 28 Million unique monthly visitors.


XKCD is a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language, launched in the month of September 2005. It is created by Randall Munroe. The word “xkcd” is not just an acronym. It is a word with no phonetic pronunciation. In terms of traffic the site is globally ranked 1,481 and it is estimated to have above 25 million unique visitors each month.

  1. Boredpanda

Bored Panda is one among the most popular art and design magazines, started in the year 2009. The website is designed to showcase the world’s most creative artwork, offbeat products and everything that is weird or wonderful. Bore panda Facebook page has more than 3 million fans and above 15 million monthly unique visitors. The site is globally ranked 1,751 and in US it is ranked 1,477 in terms of traffic by Alexa. Above 60% of Bored panda site audience are females.


Cheezburger was founded in the year 2007. It is a Seattle-based company and it has many fun sites like I Can Has Cheezburger, FAIL Blog, LOL mart and Meme base. It is one of the largest humor website on internet. The site is globally ranked 2,188 in terms of traffic by Alexa. is estimated to have above 16 million unique visitors every month. Above 25% of traffic is generated from social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and many. Cheezburger Facebook page have above 7 Lakh likes and 1.72 Million followers on twitter.


The Onion was founded in the year 1988 in Madison by Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson. It is the biggest American Digital media company and news satire organization. The site uses current news or events to create spoof stories and editorials.  So, The Onion is the best fun filled site of the country which operates out of the Chicago. The Onion has 9 Million followers on Twitter. The onion runs an entertainment and pop culture publication. The onion’s print edition has come to an end in the year 2013. Now, in terms of traffic the site is globally ranked 2,504 and it has above 12 Million visitors each month.


College Humor was launched on December 5, 1999. The site works on comedic content which includes, videos, articles, pictures and jokes created and published by the college humor staff. You can follow site on Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. In terms of traffic the site all around the world is ranked 2,951 by Alexa. The site is estimated to have above 18 Million unique monthly visitors. Above 70 percent of traffic is generated from the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and many.

10. Fark is the top website founded by Drew Curtis, in the year 1999. The site is actually a news aggregator which publishes funny and weird notable news. The slogan of the site is, “It’s not news, it’s Fark.” You can call it a social network of news and crowd sourced story gathering. The site has around 27.5K followers on Twitter. In terms of traffic the is globally ranked 3,794 and in US the site is ranked 1,180 by Alexa. On an average the site was estimated to have above 4 million monthly unique visitors.

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  1. eBaumsWorld is a best entertainment website on which you can enjoy funny videos, Abode Flash cartoons and web games. It was created and owned by Eric Bauman. Launched in the year 2001, but it was sold to ZVUE Corp. in the year 2008 for $15 million cash and $2.5 million in stock. Facebook page has above 1.4 million likes and on Twitter it has 27.8K followers. On an average the site is estimated to have 10 million monthly unique visitors. In terms of traffic the site is globally ranked 4,195 by Alexa and in US it is ranked 1,442.

  1. Break

Launched in 1998, brings the best humor website which entertains you with the funny and viral videos, photos and comedy on web. The CEO of the Break is Keith Richman. The site was formerly known as Men aged 18-40, are the targeted audience for The mission of the site is to make the internet break again and again. The site is globally ranked 4,920 and in US it is ranked 1,965 in terms of Traffic by Alexa. Facebook page have above 2.8 million fans and it has 46.4K followers on Twitter.


Dilbert, an American comic strip was first launched in the year 1989 and it is currently published in many nationwide newspapers and magazines. Only on you can enjoy comic strips that are based on reality. Author of, Scott Adams is the famous cartoonist and writer who received the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award in 1997. You can follow site on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter page has above 23.9K followers. In terms of traffic the site is globally ranked 4,987 and in US it is ranked 1,554 by Alexa.

  1. FunnyorDie was founded on 12th April 2007 by Adam McKay, Will Ferrell and Chris Henchy. On you can have fun watching all viral and funny videos which is related to the original content from comedians as well. You can register and vote on your favorite video whether it is funny or not. In terms of traffic the site is globally ranked 5,170 and 2,075 in US by Alexa. has 13.5M followers on Twitter and 10.3 Million fans on Facebook.

  1. TheOatmeal

Matthew Inman is the creator of It is the most popular comics and articles site founded on 6th July, 2009. You can follow on Facebook and Twitter. Through the website you can also access to their online store. You can enjoy Comics, quizzes and stories of Matthew Inman on site which has above 5 million monthly unique visitors. Above 45 percent of traffic is generated from social networking sites. Facebook page has above 3.8 million fans. In terms of traffic the site is globally ranked 7,851 and 4,235 in US by Alexa.

A Part from the above given websites we are providing you with other sites which were also popular and funny but could not make to our list of Top 20 Funny Websites


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