Telangana Technical Education Department is giving is a change for its students who are wanting to change their colleges immediately. The students of Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture, MBA, MBC courses can now easily switch their colleges until May 31st. But the current and new colleges should be under same University.

If the college which the student is currently studying in is closing down or if their parents are relocating or if the student has some health issues then only the student can change his/her college. For this, they have to take an NOC certificate from their current college (should be dated after April 1).

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The list of, students who successfully got transferred will be shown on the official website before the 2017-2018 academic year starts. The academic year of JNTUH will start from June 13th and OU from June 30th.

Rules and Regulations:

1. The transfer takes place between the colleges under the same university, and the student can’t move from one University to another University.
2. Most of the transfers will be allowed to 2nd-year students only. Students who want to study from 3rd/4th year might be based on the student’s situations.
3. The percentage of the transfer from one college to another must be less than 1.

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