Slack is a cloud-based set of exclusive team collaboration tools and services, founded by Stewart Butterfield. Slack began as an internal device used by his company, Tiny Speck, in the development of Glitch, now an invalid online game. The name of slack is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”. Its key features are that it automatically sets the name of the teammate in the slack bold font which makes it easily distinguishable. The original authors of Slack are Stewart Butterfield, Cal Henderson, Serguei Mourachov and Eric Costello with Slack Technologies as the developers of the messaging application. The initial release was on August 2013, almost five years ago and since then the progress of the Gen X app is phenomenal.

Slack brings the entire teams communication together as the conversation happens in channels and there is a single place dedicated for multiple tasks like messaging, tools and files helping people to save time and collaborate together. Other primary features such as:

Organized conversations: Channels can be divided up by the team, project, client, or whatever else is relevant to your organization. Team members can join and leave channels as needed — unlike lengthy email chains. Threads keep side conversations from derailing the topic or project at hand.

Collaboration beyond colleagues: Share channels with companies and businesses you regularly work with – like clients, vendors, and partners – to bring all the right people into the same room.

Face-to-face and -screen: Talk it out over voice or video calls directly from Slack. And if you need to show your work, you can share your screen, too.

Integrated file-sharing: Drag-and-drop PDFs, images, videos and other files directly into Slack. Get feedback on your work and create an archive of your progress.

Users are also allowed to format messages to add detail or clarity to the message when required. There are two ways to format the text, depending on the Slack app been used. One method is by formatting with parallel typing, by using symbols on the desktop and mobile app. Another is by using keyboard shortcuts on the desktop to format the selected font. To create slack bold text format, highlight the word Slack, then press the symbols capital B on Mac and CTRL + B on Linux or Windows. Similarly, slack italics, strikethrough, quotes and inline codes are also available.

This is how you can efficiently operate slack and manage your work in a better fashion on a daily basis.


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