The police of Madhya Pradesh’s Hoshangabad district have asked women to take selfies with the police in charge and post them as their profile pictures on the social networking sites. This new campaign was implemented as a preventive step to reduce the online stalkers.

For this campaign, the Madhya Pradesh police have received a tremendous response from the school and college going girls. More than 500 women have reportedly taken selfies with the police as a part of a campaign called “TI Mera Bhai Hai”, here TI means Thana Incharge.

Officials said that this initiative step was launched after several cases of online stalking were reported in Hoshangabad. A large number of complaints that are filed were about sending obscene photographs and text messages online.

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It is also reported that one stalker even threatened to upload girl’s picture and phone number on pornographic websites.

“WhatsApp stalking is emerging as a major problem these days. While thinking on how to resolve the issue, the idea of selfie with TI came to my mind. When the TI was sent to schools and colleges to meet girls and explain to them this idea, we got an overwhelming response,” said AP Singh, Hoshangabad superintendent of police.

“A DP of a selfie with a policewala in uniform is enough to scare a stalker. But if he still presses on, we have our `traditional’ ways to solve the problem,”

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The campaign was involved school and college going girls to take a selfie with the local police in-charge and put them as display pictures and status message as “TI Mera Bhai Hai” (TI is my brother). It hoped that it would be the backdrop of emerging problem of Whatsapp stalking.

The District Superintendent reported that the campaign had received a tremendous response from girls in colleges and schools.


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