Recently, the senior DRDO officials along with the Ministry of External Affairs who were dealing with the missile program have confirmed that India may have to create an authoritative ground on the lines of NCA aka Nuclear Command Authority, such that the main threat that primarily leads to the launch and activation of A-SAT programme by India is majorly defined with a counter-response.

India has successfully demonstrated the main technology behind anti-satellite missile to the world this time. Following this, our current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi instructed Ajit Doval appointed as National Security Advisor to prepare a draft space doctrine. This draft will be setting proper protocols for defining their capability. Ajit Doval and the other chiefs from ISRO are currently heading the Ballistic Missile Defence Program.

A senior official who is also an integral part of the space programme mentioned that, “We have to lay down the defensive/offensive steps required in case Indian satellites are destroyed or degraded or there is access denial by an adversary through electromagnetic radiation.”

According to DRDO & ISRO officials, now India will have to convert this technological skill into strategical capability such that the country can stick to the NFU (no first use) which is mentioned in draft nuclear doctrine.

Prior to conducting the A-SAT test, the BJP-led government thoroughly studied the first & primary US space command in Colorado. Although this has been merged already with strategic forces command to create a joint command, India has closely studied the major directives that gave way to space command formation.

After this, the A-SAT test conducted by Indians successfully demonstrated the capability of the killer vehicle to be able to search for the target satellite and finally destroy it after locking on to it. This newly acquired capability indeed allows India to majorly focus on underlying issues like the economy, stock markets, navigation, weather etc. And all of this can be done without crossing over the boundaries.


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