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It looks like, the issues related to Samsung latest Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones going to have no end. Some of the users of these smartphones in the USA are reporting some random restarts of them. Initially, the fix for the red tint display issue was widely reported by the users.

Some of the users in the USA took the official forum of the company, and XDA-Developers report the problem. One of the users wrote in the forum as, “I’m getting the same problem on my S8 standard. The screen randomly has artifacts and suddenly restarts. When I informed Samsung, they told me to send it back to the retailers and ask for a replacement.”

Firstly, the issue noted by one of the users who Setting up the Samsung Galaxy S8 for the first time. He wrote in the community forum as “I picked up the Galaxy s8 and initially it seems everything fine. But after 10 hours, it suddenly started restarting randomly. So far seven times it did the same. All of a sudden the app freezes, the screen shuts off, and a few seconds later it restarts. Is anyone having the same problem or know of any solutions?”

Users also informed that one of the temporary solutions for them turned to be removing the microSD card from their device. Some also claimed that they never inserted the memory card in the mobile.

Samsung has started rolling out the fix for red tint display issue reported by these smartphone users. As per the latest updates, Samsung Galaxy S8 users in Turkey and UK are receiving the fix while Galaxy S8+ users in Germany and Turkey are receiving the same fix.


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