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Russia and the US are Natural allies in fighting terrorism, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of counter-terrorism said on Monday.

“We hope that, with (US President) Donald Trump in power and a new administration in the White House, the West will change its approach to counter-terrorism,” Xinhua news ageny quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov, who is in-charge of counter-terrorism, as saying.

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The West should “finally realise the combat against terrorism does not tolerate double standards or hidden agendas, and that inter-governmental cooperation must involve lawful authorities of a country where the anti-terror operation is conducted”, Syromolotov said.

According to him, the world needs a broad coalition to fight international terrorism, in accordance with the UN Charter, international rights protection and decisions of the UN Security Council.

He said that during this fight some countries were supporting terrorists, thinking wrongly that they can control them.

The minister stressed that despite the existing differences, Russia and the US remain natural allies in matters of counter-terrorism, and it was in the interests of both countries to enhance and strengthen this partnership.

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“We hope that we can build more productive dialogue with Washington’s new administration in that matter… Against the background of unprecedented terrorist’s activity, life itself will make us put aside our political disputes and eventually open and honestly cooperate in the matters of counter terrorism,” he said.