Dutch Technology company Koninklijke Philips N.V. is launching its first ever 4K OLED television with Ambilight technology. TP Vision sells the TV sets under Philips brand.

TP Vision’s Ambilight technology is used in the latest TV launched by Philips. The 55-inch OLED 4K TV display comes with 4 billion pixels emission. The television has the perfect pixel UHD engine. This makes the vision more bright and sharp for Viewers. The technology emits the light from all the three sides so that the clarity of the picture is much sharper and brighter.

Philips 901F OLED 4K TV is revealed at IFA. Specifications and the Features of this model had attracted many in the recently concluded IFA. Hue motion sensor senses the movements in and around the TV. It also has the Voice Command controlling along with the smart device controlling.

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However, the other specifications along with the price have not been revealed at the event. On the other hand, the company also launched its other products such as Soundbar and Bluetooth Speakers.

Fidelio B8 model soundbar has 18 Dolby Atom speakers. This is a 5.1.2 surround home theatre system that is launched with a price of EUR999 which comes to Rs.74,700 approximately.

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Apart from this the company also launched the Bluetooth speakers. The model PixelPop is water resistant and rich in Bass and clarity sounds. The model is tagged with a price EUR 39 which is approximately Rs.2, 900.

The models are available globally. Though the company has launched the OLED TVs a bit late when compared to its competitors, it has a room of its own with the buyers in the electronic market all over.


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