We must have heard about the golden proverb, “Old is Gold”. It is true to some extent since the price of some items increases over the period of time. From wines to vintage old cars, there are few people who take pride in possessing vintage items i.e the older the better.

Now when we talk about how the digital currency is moving the world by storm we can actually witness a lot of networks and platforms are accepting crypto coins such as bitcoins and altcoins as a mode of payment. Currently, the crypto fever is also slowly seeping into the companies who sell vintage products at a high value. Now, if you are a fan of vintage products you will be delighted to know that the popular company Classic Recreation which is the reconstructor of Ford Mustang has recently started accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

The company which is based out of Oklahoma is supposedly the first vintage car rebuilder which has planned to accept the digital currency coins namely bitcoins and altcoins along with the traditional way of accepting payments. This is delightful news for those who are passionate about vintage items and are equally passionate about the future of the cryptocurrencies in the world.

For now, Classic Recreations is widely accepting four coins namely Bitcoin aka BTC, Bitcoin Cash aka BCH, Litecoin aka LTC and Docademic aka MTC. Apart from these major crypto assets, you can also make the payments with other popular altcoins, for that you might have to get in touch with the customer care of the company for further assistance.

The founder of Classic Recreation, Jason Engels has a belief that this move will help them accept the advancements that are taking place in terms of technology and also this move will help them acquire more clients who are equally interested in the coins as well as the vintage items.He plans to “connect with consumers from anywhere in the world.”

Classic Recreations takes pride in rebuilding the Mustangs which were originally produced by Ford company. In order to rebudget the pricing of the cars, the company has taken the license from Ford to create replicas of the original models to make it less expensive for the buyers. This is definitely the best way of reviving the glorious history of the legendary Mustangs which can now be purchased by the popular crypto coins.



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