Retirement is not about leaving our current job and sitting comfortably at home. It is about putting an end to the current job and joining in another company. For the senior citizens like them, Hyderabad youth started a new job portal called which allows the elderly to search for new jobs.

The senior citizens are also teenagers once upon a time who searched for jobs holding their graduation degree. Because of their food habits, fitness, medical facilities, they are still active and are in seek for new employment without relaxing and wasting their valuable time. These are the pride of our society undoubtedly who dedicated their lives for their hard work and workplace. It got proved in the recent surveys that there are almost 21 crores of retired people in India and the number may increase by 2021. Out of them 80% people want to do jobs even after retirement. We should appreciate our elders who find relaxation in the work they do.

E-platform for all the Women Government Employees to file Sexual Harassment Complaints portal founder Kunda Pratap states that instead of wasting their valuable experience, it is great to invest in something new which helps in the betterment of the society. He claims that for people like them, the website will make it easy and quick for them to find work. He researched for three months before starting it and reviewed so many places and met with the retired people to find their opinions. Based on their wish to find a new job again, he decided to start the website.

Retirement age varies depending on the field they are working in. Some people might do voluntary resignation too. So the website is not restricting any additional rules on them and provide equal rights to find a new job. Individuals in the age group of 40-70 are currently using the website now.

State Government, Teaching, Forest, Revenue, Police, Ex-service men, Banking, IT departments people are in higher percentages in the website. No matter what background of work they come from, they can search and find jobs in their interested fields.

The website keeps the details of both the job providers as well as the job seekers. There are more than 400 companies in this portal and almost 7000 people registered on the site. Though it is currently free, the portal team is planning to collect a fee from the providers and seekers soon. The team is now located in Hyderabad and planning to extend in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata too.