Tata Nano

Just take a look at this vehicle. It seems to be a Tata Nano car from the back but looks like an auto from the front. Are you confused too? Well, in Kerala an auto-driver transformed his auto-rickshaw into a Tata Nano car. Because of his love towards nano cars, he used the separate parts of nano cars and fixed them in his auto.

He embedded nano car doors, bumpers, seats into his auto. He used the black and blue colored parts of nano cars and redesigned his auto stylishly. He built a cabin for him in the auto itself. He is proudly saying that even the passengers will experience a nano-car feel with his new auto.

Anand Mahindra gifts a Scorpio to an Auto Rickshaw Owner. Check out Why?

Even in the past, an auto-driver in Kerala remodified his car into a Mahindra Scorpio. Elated Anand Mahindra, Executive Chairman of Mahindra Groups loved the vehicle. He called the driver and bought that from him paying a huge money and kept the car in his museum. He also gifted a Mahindra Supro car to the driver. Well, we have to wait and see what the Nano Car company people are going to present this auto-driver.