E-platform for all the Women Government Employees

An e-platform is going to get launched which allows the women who are working for central government file sexual harassment charges. Menaka Gandhi, Women and Child Development (WCD) Minister stated that from the past few years their team is working hard to develop an online platform where the women government employees can file sexual harassment-related complaints and will launch the portal in this month itself.

An official said that implementation of the Act would enable the women employees to work securely without any fear.

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She stated that they have also been maintaining an E-box facilities for last one year which allow children to file complaints anonymously. She claimed that they have received so many complaints about it and keeping shared bathrooms for both men and women is one of the primary reasons behind the sexual harassments and ordered to build different ones for both the sexes.

She advised that every office which has more than ten employees need to have an internal committee to take the sexual harassment complaints from their workplaces.  The Union Government has over 30.87 lakh employees working for it and based on a 2011 census report, out of which 10.93% of employees are women.