The Facebook Inc. owned instant messaging service WhatsApp is been ensuring the best service to hold the top place. The service is being updated on a regular basis, introducing new features and fixing issues in existing. WhatsApp is known for its innovative features and better service for all kind of OS platforms. We have witnessed the user response towards Multimedia-based WhatsApp Status that replaced the text-based status early this year. It was one of the most crucial steps team WhatsApp had taken. We have seen more improvement and introduced to latest WhatsApp features since. WhatsApp Beta Users plays a vital role in the enhancement of WhatsApp service. Every new WhatsApp feature is first tested by Beta users before it’s made available for the stable version. As always, WhatsApp has recently announced some of the important features to make live for Beta users before they will be out for all users.

New WhatsApp Features – December 2017

The very latest WhatsApp features came to live through the recent update made on Dec 7, 2017, is Delete Sent Messages and Live Location. Users who have updated WhatsApp app recently are likely to avail these features.

WhatsApp Delete Sent Messages feature allows users to remove messages from receiver’s chat even if it’s sent within 7 minutes of sending. This helps the users to fix if a wrong message is sent to someone mistakenly. WhatsApp Live Location Feature allows users sharing their real-time location to friends and family. The another WhatsApp’s premium version named GB Whatsapp got most of these features earlier.

Latest Features for WhatsApp Beta – Private Reply PIP (Picture Picture) Floating Window

In their recent blog, WABetaInfo stated that Web or Desktop Version of WhatsApp with no. 0.2.2024 is about to introduce two new features for beta users. These are Private Replies and Picture in Picture features.

According to a recent tweet made by WABetaInfo, users of WhatsApp Beta App with version no. 2.17.424, 2.17.436, and 2.17.437 for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone are about to avail the two mentioned features as well. Adding to these, Beta App users will be able to get Unblock Shortcut, Invite via Link, Shake to Report, Group Improvements, and more.

Breaking These Features in Pieces: The Private Reply is more likely is an add-on than a feature. The option allows users to reply a specific person privately while on a group chat.

PIP or Picture in Picture feature is much familiar to YouTube users. The feature allows watching every sent and received video on a separate window. When a video is played in WhatsApp chat, a new icon will show up. Tapping on that icon will separate the video from chat screen with a new window. It allows users to continue to chat multiple people and watch the video at the same time.

Tap to Unblock Feature allows unblocking a contact via shortcut and starting chatting. Users don’t have to manually unblock someone previously blocked.

WhatsApp Beta App’s new feature Invite via Link enables shortcut for Group Admins to invite more contacts via a link. Another to-be-acclaimed WhatsApp feature that is likely to be out for Beta test is the ‘Shake to Report.’ When a user faces any problem with current WhatsApp service, this feature will direct to Contact Us section simply by shaking the phone.   




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