A final year MBBS Students has shared an article on February 7th about an incident happened in his life. Now that news is trending on the Facebook. On that day he helped women to deliver a baby in the train. In that article, he explained how complicated the delivery is. Within less time, he got 6.7k likes and 853 shares.

According to his description, Vipin Bhagwanrao Khadse said he is travelling in a train from Akhola to Nagpur, suddenly TC came for searching a doctor, but there is no experience doctor on the train, as he is an intern he came forward to help the women.

He also mentioned the delivery was the little bit complicated, but finally he has saved two lives. He also mentioned that I am 1000 times happier to save two lives than becoming a doctor.

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While doing delivery he noticed the baby shoulder is first coming out instead of the head, so he contacted his doctors through WhatsApp and taken help to complete the delivery. He finally added thanks to WhatsApp for helping him in the emergency condition.

He has used cold water bottles to stop the mother bleeding, and he also noticed a baby is not breathing properly, so he have taken the suggestions from his professors and seniors through WhatsApp

The train has reached Nagpur, and both child and mother got medical treatment and family of that women gave Rs 101 for his help.

Finally, he ends the posts by thanking co-passengers, classmates, seniors and professors.

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